2016 Golden Goat & Golden Kid

22nd Annual Golden Goat & Golden Kid

Pacheco State Park

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 22, 2018
Location: Hollister, CA
Event Director: - 650.404.7037
Course Setter: Aron Walker
Type: Extra-long courses with mass starts; Possibly no beginner or intermediate courses

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Event Write-Up


The 22nd Golden Goat saw BAOC return to the lovely (and arduous!) hills of Pacheco State Park. Twenty-two intrepid orienteers participated in the 12.6 km (865 m climb) Goat, lead by Riley Culburg (2:06:35), Mikkel Conradi (2:08:50), and Greg Khanlarov (2:12:58). Runners could skip three controls, and many different strategies were used​—​although only a small fraction of the possible 9139.

Another fifteen participants took on the 7.4 km (450 m climb) Kid, including some "wise goats" who took the option to switch courses part way through the Goat. The Kid was won by Terje Mathisen (1:13:03), one of two participants visiting from Norway, following by Paul Ort (1:17:14), and Daniel Šebo (1:20:05).

Irena Stefanova (1:43:52) lead participants on the 4.5 km (220 m climb) Pygmy, followed by Gal and Rami Rivlin (1:52:07).

As usual, the top 15 finishers of the Goat received Golden Goat lifetime points. Full results are below, including a link to the updated Lifetime Points table.

A huge thanks to Paul Ort and Deron van Hoff who went back out into the depths of the park to pick up controls after the event. Thanks also to another volunteer who picked up the controls around the finish​—​this really helped! A big thanks to State Park Ranger Betty Wong for helping haul water, controls, and volunteers into the far reaches of the park to facilitate course setting and pick up. Thanks to Jay Hann from Western Racing Services for managing E-punch, processing results, and bringing critical equipment to the event. Thanks to Tori Borish for pre-running the Goat and providing invaluable advice on the design of all four courses. Thanks to Josh Wiley for pre-running the Kid and providing important corrections for the map. Thanks to Nancy Lindeman for bringing and managing snacks, to Steve Hass for running registration, and George Minarik for getting the event permit and finding critical volunteers. Thanks to Tapio Karras for setting up RouteGadget for this event​—​being able to compare courses is extra fun on a Goat! Thanks to Bob Cooley for yet another masterful job of printing maps, to and Chuck Spalding for posting information to the website. Thanks to the many people who did small but vital things​—​closing gates, helping take down signs, calling folks together, and cleaning up the assembly area after the event.


Golden Goat and Golden Kid

Hollister, CA
Sunday, April 22, 2018

Golden Goat   Golden Kid   Pygmy Goat

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget for this event (http://baoc.org/gadget/cgi/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=417). (Use of RouteGadget is explained here.)

Note regarding RouteGadget for this event: RouteGadget handles Goats and Score-O's nicely, as it has an option to use split times to determine the order in which each competitor visited the controls. In a way, each competitor makes their own course.

The updated Golden Goat Lifetime Points table is available here (PDF/82KB). Here are some notable aspects of this year's table:

[Editor's note: Please report any errors in the table or these comments to .]


Golden Goat   
   Pl  Name                   Club      Time      Behind
    1  Riley Culberg          BAOC     2:06:35  
    2  Mikkel Conradi         BAOC     2:08:50     +2:15
    3  Greg Khanlarov         BAOC     2:12:58     +6:23
    4  François Léonard       BAOC     2:15:39     +9:04
    5  Lubo Šebo              BAOC     2:21:38    +15:03
    6  Tapio Karras           BAOC     2:30:25    +23:50
    7  Dominika Plochova    Kotlarka   2:30:47    +24:12
    8  Fyodor Konkov          BAOC     2:40:22    +33:47
    9  Vladimir Gusiatnikov   OCIN     2:42:13    +35:38
   10  Deron van Hoff         BAOC     2:48:29    +41:54
   11  Marie-Josée Parayre    BAOC     2:57:01    +50:26
   12  Steve Gregg            BAOC     2:59:12    +52:37
   13  Anne Marie Cody        BAOC     3:17:59  +1:11:24
   14  Steve Haas             BAOC     3:26:13  +1:19:38
   15  Eric Rosenzweig        BAOC     3:37:03  +1:30:28
   16  Scott Sampson          BAOC     3:56:19  +1:49:44
   17  Luc Poppe              BAOC     3:59:43  +1:53:08
       Theo Verhoevan         BAOC       OVT    +1:55:43  (4:02:18)  
       Dennis Wilkinson       BAOC       DNF
       Kim van Berkel         BAOC       DNF
       Team Pendas            BAOC       DNF
       Gavin Wyatt-Mair       BAOC       DNF
Golden Kid   
   Pl  Name(s)                Club      Time      Behind
    1  Terje Mathisen       Nydalens   1:13:03  
    2  Paul Ort               BAOC     1:17:14     +4:11
    3  Daniel Šebo            BAOC     1:20:05     +7:02
    4  Oystein Grovlen      Nidarost   1:36:51    +23:48
    5  Derek Maclean          BAOC     1:41:01    +27:58
    6  Jeffrey Kabel          BAOC     1:41:25    +28:22
    7  Stan Barrett           BAOC     1:46:52    +33:49
    8  Quincy Rosenzweig      BAOC     1:56:16    +43:13
    9  Stephanie Maclean      BAOC     2:01:10    +48:07
   10  Denis Kourakin         BAOC     2:08:23    +55:20
   11  Andrew & Katherine     BAOC     2:16:25  +1:03:22
   12  Russell Green          BAOC     2:54:47  +1:41:44
   13  Alan Glendinning       BAOC     3:11:16  +1:58:13
       Olga Kraght            BAOC       DNF  
       Misha Kreslavsky       BAOC       DNF
Pygmy Goat   
   Pl  Name(s)                Club      Time      Behind
    1  Irena Stefanova        BAOC     1:43:52  
    2  Gal & Rami Rivlin      BAOC     1:52:07     +8:15
    3  Jeff Lanam             BAOC     2:27:28    +43:36
       Nancy Lindeman         BAOC       DNF  


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls) OVT = Overtime (finished after course-closing time)