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Wild Flowers Along the Stoney Stumble

TrailCross Spring Lake

Spring Lake Regional Park

Date: (Sat.) May. 4, 2013
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Event Director: Judy Koehler - 707.778.1604
Course Setters: Bill Cusworth (NAV-X), Heidi Cusworth (NAV-X)
Type: C; 5 km, 10 km, and 10-mile trail runs with twists! Find your way with a map.

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Event Write-Up

By Judy Koehler

It was a beautiful day at Spring Lake Regional Park for the second event in the TrailCross Series. Bill and Heidi Cusworth met the challenge of carving out new and inventive courses in a small and much used urban park. The mixed group of experienced orienteers and local running club members were challenged by the intricacy of the courses that required great attention to detail as they worked their way through the maze of roads, trails and pathways.

Course distances of 10 mile, 10 km, and 5 km offered something for everyone. All competitors completed at least the 5 km loop. The map exchange on the 10-mile and 10 km courses were in a spectator area providing a chance to cheer on friends and family. The "Stony Stumble" label for this event turned out to be just a label, although the wild flowers along the Stony Stumble could still be found.

The only problem of the day was an obstinate computer, but the volunteer crew quickly moved into a manual check-in and check-out mode so that the start could take place on time.

The Oak Knolls area was set up for socializing with plenty of food and shaded sitting areas, so competitors could relax and compare trail notes with others. Colorful shirts for the TrailCross series were for sale. Information on orienteering was readily displayed, and members of the BAOC and GCO clubs made themselves available to answer questions and provide information and handouts about upcoming events. We welcomed two new members to BAOC.

Thanks to Volunteers

This event could not have been held without the time devoted by the many volunteers.

Key to the success was the knowledge and the support of Vladimir Gusiatnikov and Rex Winterbottom.

Putting in numerous hours in the months preceding the event were Bill and Heidi Cusworth (course setters), Gary Kraght (registration), and Greg Ehrensing (equipment).

Day of Event volunteers were Olga Kraght, Scott Aster, Neil Peterson, Rick Budde, Martin Taylor, Jennifer Kerr, Marsha Jacobs, Joan Roos, Nancy Thomas, Mark Burchell, Mel Conrad, Brett Carver, Bob Rappa, Taylor RappaGraham Brew, Christine Brew, David Spangler, and Jennifer Spangler.

And finally, thanks goes to Spring Lake Regional Park Ranger Carol Presho, and Sonoma County Regional Parks Reservations Coordinator Jill Meuchel.


TrailCross Spring Lake

Santa Rosa, CA
Saturday, May 4, 2013

5 km Course       10 km Course       10 mi Course

5 km Course       (5 km, 70 m climb, 14 controls)
  Pl  Name                              Time
   1  George Nacouzi                    38:44
   2  Julie Nacouzi                     38:45
   3  Kevin Walker                      38:48
   4  Scott Aster                       46:09
   5  Marsha Jacobs                     49:34
   6  Heidi Pay                         49:58
   7  Johanna Merriss                   53:08
   8  Jennifer Kerr (GCO)               57:02
   9  Richard Merriss                   58:21
  10  Jalleh Biglari, Afagh Ighani      58:32
  11  Gary Quan                         63:36
  12  Sheri Keogh                       63:47
  13  Doug Freifeld                     68:22
  14  Victor Frolov                     77:06
  15  Brian Pay                         77:38
  16  Amira Goble                       99:37
  Choose Your Own Adventure
      Greg Ehrensing
      Chris Langhammer
      Chandler Pay
      Sylvia Freifeld

10 km Course      (10 km, 170 m climb, 29 controls)
  Pl  Name                              Time
   1  Graham Brew                       65:48
   2  Christine Brew                    70:42
   3  Patty Clemo                       83:18
   4  Jeff Sterett                      89:33
   5  David Gordon, Michelle Lavaroni  113:17
   6  Sharon Evans                     115:45
  Choose Your Own Adventure
      Steve O'Keefe
      Christopher Schmidt
      Bob Cooley

10-mile Course    (16 km, 280 m climb, 42 controls)
  Pl  Name                              Time
   1  Mikkel Conradi                    79:25
   2  Rex Winterbottom                  79:29
   3  Steve Gegg                       102:32
   4  Deron van Hoff                   114:47
   5  Steve Smith                      149:33
   6  Joseph Lin, Marlin Halin         163:53