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Spring Lake Regional Park

Date: (Sun.) May. 6, 2012
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Event Director: Judy Koehler - 707.778.1604
Course Setters: Brett Carver, Erik Carver, Bill Cusworth (NAV-X), Heidi Cusworth (NAV-X)
Type: C; Courses for beginners, as well as something interesting for intermediate and advanced orienteers

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Event Write-Up

By Judy Koehler

For the first time in many years, a course ventured onto the far eastern side of the Spring Lake map. Possibly because of this, veterans outnumbered the newcomers at the event. Bill and Heidi Cusworth set the Orange and Long Orange courses, and Brett and Erik Carver set the White and Yellow courses.

First on the White course was the Deraminelaere group from Cotati in 33:40. Rae Taylor and Rose Chae from San Pablo raced around the Yellow course in 41:34, ahead of veteran orienteer Scott Aster (52:20). Another veteran orienteerer, Ben Legg, smoked the Orange course, which went around the lake, in 33:03.

The Long Orange course had the most entries of all the courses offered, giving new life to Spring Lake orienteering. Jonas Kjäll had no problem with the lack of updates to the map, as he did the 6.1 km course in 40:42. Ty Gampell, an elementary school student accompied by his parents, was the youngest to complete the course.

Once again, we welcomed students from Montgomery High School and from Sonoma County Home School. Entry forms indicated that our website is used by those from out of the area. Home addresses included Vancouver, British Columbia, and Los Angeles.

Many thanks go to the volunteers that put in long hours at Spring Lake on the day of the event: Bill Cusworth, Heidi Cusworth, Brett Carver, Scott Aster, Gary Kraght, Greg Ehrensing, Jennifer Kerr, Neil Peterson, Mark Burchell, Mel Konrad, Jim Hayes, and Rick Budde. Also thanks to Margaret Kraght for pitching in and helping with late registration and results, and to Ben Legg for giving a clinic to a late arriving Montgomery High School student. Thanks to Jill Meuchel from Sonoma County Regional Parks for her assistance in getting the permit, Bob Cooley for the maps, and Harold and Penny DeMoss for the loan of their tents.


Spring Lake Regional Park

Santa Rosa, CA
Sunday, May 6, 2012

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget (introduction; this event ( (See the note below about how to enter your time data.)

  Pl  Name(s)                                         Time

White Course    (2.5 km, 45 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Deraminelaere group of 4                        33:40
   2  Parker & Griffin Doti                           48:06
   3  Julie Beer group of 8                           53:10
   4  Margaret Kraght                                 57:43
   5  Tommy Atlanson & family                       1:04:55
   6  Matthew & Jasper Mini                         1:07:45
   7  Hall/Meyer group of 6                         1:09:16
   8  Sochi Anceno-Knoop, Laurie Ann & Joy Barbour  1:10:35
   9  David, Frederick, & Nadine Cuneo              1:13:14

Yellow Course   (3.7 km, 120 m climb, 14 controls)

   1  Rae Taylor, Rosie Chae                          41:34
   2  Scott Aster                                     52:20
   3  Daniel & Chinnavuth DeMonteiro                1:33:05
   4  Joan Merriss                                  1:45:11
   5  Blake Carvello group of 4                     1:49:54
   6  Ellie Carvello group of 4                     1:51:54
   7  Mark Burchell, Mel Konrad                     1:57:00
   8  Condit/O'Connor group of 5                    2:12:40

      Leila Nacouzi                                   DNF
      Susan & Jon Pearlstone                          DNF
      Ed Bowers, Jean Delao                           DNF

  Second Course

      Jim Fish                                      1:24:18

Orange Course   (4.3 km, 105 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  Ben Legg                                        33:03
   2  Russell Porter (GVOC)                           36:57
   3  Dan Dwyer                                       41:10
   4  Marie-Josée Parayre                             42:25
   5  Dennis Wildfogel                                43:51
   6  Gary Carpenter                                  47:33
   7  Christine Brew                                  59:07
   8  Jeff Writright                                1:03:35
   9  Olga Kraght                                   1:07:12
  10  Lauren Knight, Annie Hansel                   1:16:09
  11  Tim Erickson                                  1:20:04
  12  Jenifer Kerr (GCO)                            1:23:10
  13  Rosemary Johnson                              1:26:55
  14  Jim Fish                                      1:27:05
  15  Richard Merriss                               1:28:42
  16  Miller/Vohees group of 4                      1:34:44
  17  Jack & Trent Everitt, Joanne White            2:04:39

      Haviland group of 4                             DNF
      Ryan Fitzgerald                                 DNF
      Claire Donnelly, Kassidy Pierce, Sam McBeth     DNF
      Jim Hayes                                       DNF

Long Orange Course   (6.1 km, 225 m climb, 24 conrols)

   1  Jonas Kjäll                                     40:42
   2  François Léonard                                44:37
   3  Mikkel Conradi                                  46:01
   4  Joseph Doetsch                                  47:51
   5  Steve Gregg                                     55:13
   6  Greg Khanlarov                                  59:35
   7  Nikolay Chukanov                              1:01:20
   8  Graham Brew                                   1:04:05
   9  Deron van Hoff                                1:08:45
  10  Ralf Burgert                                  1:12:56
  11  Greg Ehrensing                                1:14:02
  12  Dan Greene                                    1:16:32
  13  Bob Cooley                                    1:17:09
  14  Gary Kraght                                   1:21:05
  15  Kristijan Mitrovic (PK Pobeda)                1:21:46
  16  Chuck Spalding                                1:22:47
  17  Matthias Kohler                               1:28:20
  18  Team Brown Cow (3)                            1:47:46
  19  Team Brown Chicken (3)                        1:49:45
  20  Johanna Merriss                               1:52:38
  21  Patty Clemo                                   1:55:01
  22  Augustine Callaway                            1:59:16
  23  Richard & Ty Gampell, Irene Kim               2:31:54
  24  Mike Meagher, Paula Zurowski, Edward Beeler   2:37:43

      Jeff Sterett (GCO)                            MSP (#5)
      Amy Van Graafeiland                           Lost Card

  Second Course

      Joe Miller                                      DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)

Orienteering Clubs:
    GCO ( = Gold Country Orienteers (Sacramento)
    GVOC ( = Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club (British Columbia)
    PK Pobeda is in Serbia

Note Regarding Entering RouteGadget Data

Since there was no e-punch, the event is set up using the "no results" mode, where competitors need to enter their name, total time, and any cumulative splits that they might have taken. You can draw your route even if you didn't take any splits, just enter your name and total time. Note that if you are uploading a GPS track, you don't need to enter your total time or splits.

Note that RouteGadget requires cumulative splits (i.e., total elapsed times from the Start). Both splits and total time need to be in MMMSS format. For example, 0:57 is entered as "57", 5:43 as "543", and 1:12:32 as "7232". That's easy.