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Redwood Regional Park Volunteer Project

Date: (Sun.) Aug. 12, 2012
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 650.281.5280
Type: Service project involving ongoing habitat restoration and removing “exotic” (invasive) plants

Event Write-Up


On August 12, a bunch of BAOCers joined a few other volunteers and enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly staff from East Bay Regional Parks to tackle the removal of exotic, non-native plants from the creeksides and trailsides of Redwood Regional Park. The main culprits: French broom, thistle, and Vinca, all of which tend to crowd out native species that are way better for native insects and animals.

It was fun man-handling thick French broom with "weed wrenches" — industrial-strength, heavy, metal, weed-extracting tools. We dodged some poison oak in our Tyvek suits, and Joe Maffei and another volunteer contended with yellowjacket nests on the ground. Apparently the densest stands of French broom are good habitat for such nests.

We enjoyed conversing with volunteers and rangers, and talked a bit about orienteering with them. Some were quite curious. It would have been really nice to have a BAOC "business card" to hand out to anyone the least bit interested.

The park staff provided good snacks and drinks to help us beat the heat — the watermelon was some of the best ever. Reporting for duty from BAOC were Bill and Teruko Follette, Joe Maffei, Rex Winterbottom, and Steve Haas.