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Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 1, 2012
Location: Richmond, CA
Event Directors: - 510.779.8808, - 510.526.9071
Course Setter: Steve Gregg
Type: C; Standard White, Yellow, and Orange courses, and a special "THOMASS" course

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Event Write-Up


I experimented with a new format at Point Pinole this year. The THOMASS event was invented by the Canadians several years ago. It is a mass-start event on a normal orienteering course, to which is added a score-O "box" somewhere in the middle of the course. Within this box, runners are required to find a prescribed number of controls, based on their age and sex. In theory, this puts the top senior and top women runners on equal footing with the young hotshots, giving all the club's top runners a chance to cross the finish line first.

As is the norm in this sort of race format, the runners at the bottom end of each age category enjoyed an advantage. Dennis Wildfogel is a new M65 this year, and went into the race as one of the favorites, along with the ageless Penny DeMoss. François Léonard discovered the day of the event that competitor's ages would be computed in "orienteering years" (meaning that if your birthday is anytime in 2012, you are considered to be that age for all of 2012), which made him a new M40 and suddenly one of the race favorites as well.

After the start of the race, I ventured out to the start of the box section to watch the action. It was interesting to watch a steady stream of orienteers proceed in pretty much a single straight line to the box, then split off in all sorts of different directions to tackle their score-O controls. Several minutes later, I was hardly surprised to see Dennis and Penny complete the box section together, two minutes ahead of Bob Cooley, who unfortunately as a new M70 did not get any extra advantage over Dennis.

Back at the finish line, we learned that a small mistake by Dennis at control 11 perhaps cost him the win, as Penny crossed the finish line in first place, with Dennis 9 seconds back. Meanwhile, François stormed through the last half of the course only to lose to Dennis by another 9 seconds, and bemoan his small mistakes on a couple of earlier controls that perhaps cost him the win as well. Tapio Karras and Joseph Doetsch ran well to finish 4th and 5th, and were the top runners in the M50 and M21 age groupings, respectively.

Everyone I talked to seemed to enjoy this new race format, and I certainly will think about doing it again next year. Sometimes the Canadian THOMASS races have two different box sections, and maybe I'll give that format a try.

My list of people to thank starts with Joan Roos, who gladly agreed to do the one job that I hate, which is to call people up and ask them to volunteer at the event. Joan did a great job, and got a large number of people to work at the meet for an hour or two. The list of helpers the day of the event includes Tim Erickson, Jennifer Kerr, Jeff Dickert, Jonathan Owens, Charles Brenner, Michael Meagher and friends, Paul & Kathy Li, Gary Kraght, Mark Blair, Judy Koehler, James Wilson, Greg Ehrensing, Peter Graham, Theo Verhoeven, Matthias Kohler, Jeff Lanam, Harold and Penny DeMoss, and Ruth Kadel. Mikkel Conradi vetted the courses before the event, and Bob Cooley did his usual excellent job printing the maps. My apologies to anyone else who stepped in to help and whom I have forgotten about.

Lost and Found

Only two items were left behind at Point Pinole:


Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

Richmond, CA
Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thanks to everyone for your patience. Sorry we couldn't get the printer working. My thanks to Jonathan Owens, Charles Brenner, and Mark Blair for helping with epunch.

You can see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results ( This is complete for the White, Yellow, and Orange courses. For the THOMASS course, only the required controls are shown. The splits for the Score-O portion are available in a table that is linked below.

  Pl  Name(s)                              Time

White Course  (2.3 km, 30 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Ruben Bergtraun                      24:42
   2  Kai Rosenbaum                        30:32
   3  Loquitas                             33:54
   4  Lil' Tacos                           34:58
   5  Team Szeto                           39:40
   6  Judy Quittman                        47:28
   7  Wilkinson family                   1:00:36
   8  Howling Coyotes                    1:05:00

      Rental Runner 47049                  DNF
      Gateway 4H                           DNF
      Christina Teply                      DNF

Yellow Course  (2.5 km, 50 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Davy Williams                        44:21
   2  Hemmings                             44:23
   3  Knapp                                55:49
   4  Giorgio Panagos                    1:09:42
   5  Erin Zaks                          1:15:24
   6  Artemisia & Olivia Luk             1:17:38
   7  Joan Merriss                       1:20:04
   8  Carlos Olivera                     1:34:59
   9  Dennis Mullane                     2:13:39

  Second Course

      Rental Runner 47049                  46:10

Orange Course  (3.8 km, 80 m climb, 15 controls)

    1  James Wilson                        33:57
    2  Krists Krilovs                      41:51
    3  Joe Maffei                          42:01
    4  Andrew Killeen                      49:12
    5  Johanna Merriss                     51:24
    6  Linda Stewart, Terry Szucsko        52:20
    7  Marina Keating                      55:25
    8  Mark Blair                          56:00
    9  Tim Erickson                        57:56
   10  Mike Meagher                      1:05:29
   11  David Strong                      1:06:56
   12  Heidi Cusworth (COC)              1:07:22
   13  Olga Seredenko                    1:07:45
   14  Jennifer Kerr (GCO)               1:09:11
   15  Kate Lenschau                     1:10:40
   16  Nigel Killeen                     1:14:24
   17  Richard Merriss                   1:18:51
   18  Kevin Walker                      1:26:17
   19  Austin Lloyd                      1:26:42
   20  Judy Koehler                      1:36:33
   21  Brad & Alex Wetmore               2:06:41
   22  Nancy Lindeman                    2:17:14

       Charles Brenner                     DNF


Details of the required, point-to-point portion of the course:

   3.0 km, 60 m climb, 13 controls

Required number of controls in the Score-O portion of the course:

   F01-F15 - 2    M01-M15 - 2
   F16-F20 - 4    M16-M20 - 8
   F21-F39 - 6    M21-M39 - 10
   F40-F49 - 4    M40-M49 - 8
   F50-F59 - 2    M50-M59 - 6
   F60-F64 - 2    M60-M64 - 4
   F65+    - 2    M65+    - 2

All the competitors with a time below did the required number of controls for their class. Some people did more.

See the table of splits (, which shows the control selections for the Score-O portion of the course. WinSplits is currently not available for this course.

  Pl  Name(s)                   Class        Time
   1  Penny DeMoss              F60-F64      27:03
   2  Dennis Wildfogel          M65+         27:12
   3  Francois Leonard          M40-M49      27:21
   4  Tapio Karras              M50-M59      29:04
   5  Joseph Doetsch            M21-M39      30:47
   6  Martin Kunz               M40-M49      31:04
   7  Bob Cooley                M65+         31:21
   8  Rex Winterbottom          M21-M39      32:20
   9  William Cusworth (COC)    M40-M49      32:34
  10  Matthias Kohler           M50-M59      33:57
  11  Evan Custer               M65+         34:56
  12  Wendell Doman             M50-M59      35:15
  13  Chuck Spalding            M65+         35:19
  14  Verhoeven Theo            M50-M59      36:22
  15  Greg Khanlarov            M21-M39      36:26
  16  Mark Prior                M21-M39      36:53
  17  Marie-Jose Parayre        F21-F39      37:53
  18  Gavin Williams            M1-M15       38:50
  19  Joe Knapp                 M40-M49      38:53
  20  Peter Graube              M50-M59      39:01
  21  Peter Graham              M21-M39      40:19
  22  Ralf                      M40-M49      40:43
  23  Gavin Wyatt-Mair          M50-M59      41:04
  24  Dan Greene                M50-M59      42:12
  25  Ray Rosenbaum             M40-M49      42:17
  26  Merm Rosenbaum            F40-F49      42:17
  27  Gary Kraght               M50-M59      45:03
  28  Greg Ehrensing            M50-M59      45:16
  29  Terry Gleason             M65+         50:38
  30  Marsha Jacobs             F65+         53:06
  31  Flynn Buxtun-Walsh        M16-M20    1:08:31
  32  Oleg Shanknovsky          M65+       1:12:12
  33  Danial Zaks               M21-M39    1:32:52

      Eugene Wilkenson          M16-M20      DNF
      Patty Clemo               F60-F64      DNF

   Second Course

      Jennifer Kerr (GCO)       F65+         DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)