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Bon Tempe Reservoir

Date: Dec. 8 - 9, 2012
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setter: Scott Aster
Type: C; Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event; LIMITED ATTENDANCE; RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

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Event Write-Up

By , Event Director & Course Setter

Sunny but cool conditions greeted the folk who came to this year's volunteer appreciation event at Bon Tempe reservoir. The ground was a little muddy, but not too bad, though the recent rains did soften the ground considerably, and every little creek had water in it.

People seemed to have a good time, hunting for the controls on this less than perfect map, though the Hillside of Death did claim a few casualties, based on feedback from those who weren't able to complete their courses.

The outstanding performance of the day definitely belongs to George Minarik, who has had an almost miraculously quick recovery from last year's heart attack, this year's transplant, and subsequent rehabilitation. Not only did George complete his course, he had the fastest time! Welcome back to orienteering George!

Designing courses at Bon Tempe is more of a challenge than on most of our maps. The forty-foot contours and (in many places) the changing vegetation pose many problems of fairness and level of challenge. To compensate for these factors, I emphasized route choice as much as possible, and tried to have decent nearby locations for participants to re-locate from if their direct route failed them. This helped, especially on control number four, which was on the Hillside of Death and was common to all three courses. Some people hit the control dead on, while many others bailed to the trail above the control and successfully attacked from there. In poorly mapped areas, I used major features where you just had to be fairly close and you would see the bag (number 9 on the Long course was a prime example of this). My chief failure came at the next to last control for all three courses. The control clue was "upper part of shallow reentrant". I hung this bag on the only decent-sized tree in the correct location, but hung it on the downhill side of the trunk. This hid the bag from people looking down from the top of the reentrant (which was the optimal route to the control). Some people lost time here, looking for the bag, which should not have happened. The control should have been visible from the top of the reentrant, my apologies!

After their courses, people feasted on chocolates, candy canes, and sparkling cider (not enough — we ran out both days), along with some home-baked cookies and cake. Special thanks go to Cornelia Coolen, Marie-Josée Parayre, and Mikkel Conradi for bringing additional goodies, all of which were almost too quickly consumed! Reserving the shelter worked very well even with the good weather. It provided a nice focal point for people to hang around both before and after their courses, and would have been critical had the weather been soggy!

I wish to thank Joseph Doetsch, Steve Gregg, Theo Verhoeven, and Misha Kreslavsky, for a very rapid control pickup, and to everyone for coming out to enjoy an always fun weekend at Bon Tempe. I had a great time designing the courses and chatting with everyone during the two days.


Bon Tempe Reservoir

Fairfax, CA
Saturday & Sunday, December 8 & 9, 2012

Thanks to all of you for coming out and making it a great event! I really enjoyed putting on the event from start to finish, and thought most things went very well indeed. I'll make a write-up and brief analysis in a day or so, but wanted to get the results out quickly. Tapio told me he hoped to get the courses up on Route Gadget within a couple of days. Thanks Tapio! — Scott

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget. (Use of RouteGadget is explained here. RouteGadget for this event is here ( See the note below about how to enter your time data.)

  Pl  Name(s)                             Time

Short Course     (3.7 km)

   1  George Minarik                    1:08:28
   2  Heidi Whalen                      1:10:27
   3  Evan Custer                       1:15:42
   4  Harold DeMoss                     1:44:21
   5  Dwight, Rachel, & Joann Freund    1:58:31
   6  Joan Roos                         2:03:33
   7  Nancy Lindeman                    3:54:41
   8  Paula Zurowski                    4:10:41

      Mark Burchill, Mel Konrad           DNF
      Heidi Cusworth                      DNF
      Joe Scarborough                     DNF
      Vic Revenko                         DNF
      Shura & Leta Krechetov              DNF

Middle Course    (4.8 km)

   1  Marie-Josée Parayre               1:09:59
   2  Cornelia Coolen                   1:11:25
   3  Derek Maclean                     1:17:16
   4  Gary Carpenter                    1:17:19
   5  Dan Greene                        1:21:23
   6  Tony Pinkham                      1:32:54
   7  Stephanie Maclean                 1:40:51
   8  Gary Kraght                       1:42:39
   9  Wayne Caplinger                   1:52:00
  10  Greg Ehrensing                    1:59:59
  11  Christina Brew                    2:12:56
  12  Johanna Merriss                   2:41:07
  13  Jennifer Kerr                     3:01:49

      Rosemary Johnson                    DNF
      Olga Kraght                         DNF
      Sean Campbell                       DNF

Long Course      (6.6 km)

   1  Joseph Doetsch                    1:06:46
   2  Mikkel Conradi                    1:09:34
   3  François Léonard                  1:15:54
   4  Tapio Karras                      1:21:01
   5  Steve Gregg                       1:24:05
   6  Bill Cusworth                     1:25:56
   7  Rex Winterbottom                  1:31:19
   8  Misha Kreslavsky                  1:31:41
   9  Ralf Burgert                      1:49:53
  10  Deron van Hoff                    1:52:01
  11  Cedric Lasfargues                 1:53:48
  12  Theo Verhoeven                    2:07:19
  13  Stephen Harrison                  2:08:00
  14  Penny DeMoss                      2:14:12
  15  Graham Brew                       2:21:43
  16  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                  2:34:19
  17  Luc Poppe                         2:38:54

      Matthias Kohler                     DNF
      Lisa Tracy                          DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)

Note Regarding Entering RouteGadget Data

Since there was no e-punch, the event is set up using the "no results" mode, where competitors need to enter their name, total time, and any cumulative splits that they might have taken. You can draw your route even if you didn't take any splits, just enter your name and total time. Note that if you are uploading a GPS track, you don't need to enter your total time or splits.

Note that RouteGadget requires cumulative splits. Both splits and total time need to be in MMMSS format. For example, 0:57 is entered as "57", 5:43 as "543", and 1:12:32 as "7232". That's easy.