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Tilden Regional Park

Date: (Sun.) Feb. 27, 2011
Location: Berkeley, CA
Event Director:
Course Setters: Jonas Kjall, Jim Fish, Angela Hunter
Type: B; Standard seven courses, beginner through advanced

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Event Write-Up


A glorious, sunny day after a week of rain attracted a huge crowd to Tilden Park for the annual orienteering event in Berkeley, on February 27. There were 175 entries, and probably close to 250 participants, at the event, which I think is a record for Tilden. The final event in the 2010–2011 winter COOL series took place simultaneously, so we had a bunch of young orienteers. Also, several youth groups showed up.

Most people really seemed to enjoy the excellent and challenging courses that Jonas Kjäll designed, even though they had to dodge the poison oak on a number of legs. There was a nice mixture of long legs offering route choice and shorter technical legs. Jim Fish made his debut as a designer of the Orange and Brown courses, the two courses that I think are the most difficult to design. The Orange course needs to be off trail, but still be relatively easy navigating, while Brown has to be challenging navigationally, but have decreased physical effort. I think Jim did very well considering the relatively small number of DNFs on the two courses.

Bryan and Sky Pro, first-time orienteers, won the White course in 17:51, and later came in second on the Yellow. We hope to see them again soon. Gavin Smith was close behind them on White, just 13 seconds slower, but enough for him to garner bragging rights among the COOL competitors. Julia Doubson was the first female, only 31 seconds behind Gavin and fastest of the elementary school girls.

Yellow was the most popular course, attracting 38 entries and over 50 participants. Constance Storvestre was first overall and first middle schooler in the COOL series.

Orange was also a popular course, with 33 entries. Mark Sinks was first on Orange in a time of 40:36 and first COOL JV boy. The JV boys took the top 4 places in the Orange course. Unfortunately, we ran out of maps. I had printed 40 maps, thinking that would be sufficient since there were only 17 entries a year ago, but on the day before the event, I got an email message saying there was going to be a group of 10 runners from Davis planning on running the Orange course. But by that time, the maps had already been printed. We had to recycle maps, and I apologize for the delay it may have caused people. If you gave up your map, and would like a copy, please let me or [emailByName: unknown member name 'Mapping '][emailByPosition: unknown position 'Mapping'] (our mapping director) know, and we will mail you a copy of the Orange course.

Brown was the most popular advanced course, with 24 entries, and it was a close battle with Joe Knapp, in a time of 36:55, edging out Adrian Martin by less than a minute.

Ben Legg, recuperating from a long illness, came in first on Green in a time of 54:49, but George Minarik, a "real" Green runner, had a good day with a time of 1:02:41. The best women's performances of the day were on Green, with Penny DeMoss coming in 5th overall and first women, with a time of 1:16:27, followed closely by Marie-Josée Parayre in 1:18:06.

On Red, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, normally a Blue runner, blew away the competition, and won by almost 20 minutes. His time of 1:00:10 bested Steve Gregg, at 1:19:44. Five others came in within 10 minutes of Steve, so there was a lot of good competition on Red.

Mikkel Conradi had the fastest time on Blue, coming in at 1:27:30. Dennis Wilkerson led a close pack of four other runners with a second-place time of 1:31:07.

Jay Hann brought a lot of food, including 100 hot dogs, which always attracts a crowd. Nancy Lindeman also brought food and drinks for people to share. Jay also set up a self-service 5-minute video as a supplement (or alternative) to the live beginners clinics led by Scott Aster. If you missed the video and would like to see it, it is available on YouTube ( We would appreciate any feedback on that approach to beginner clinics — you can email Jay at .

With every event, there are always problems, despite the efforts to try to have the event as good as possible. The biggest problem was that this was the first event at which we used the new version of the software that we use at A-meets. Tilden was to be a trial run. The combination of the new E-punch software and the huge crowd really taxed our two stalwart EP operators, Jeff Lanam and Rosemary Johnson, and neither one of them was able to go out on a course. Unfortunately, several people who had done two courses initially had the results of their first course erased, but we were able to retrieve these results after the event using the log files. We apologize for the long lines and delays, but it was important to learn the potential problems at a local event before our national A-meet, which will include the Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Championships, to be held at Pacheco Pass on April 15–17th.

Another problem is that somehow the box of rental compasses got misplaced, and were not with the other registration equipment, so we were not able to provide compasses for those people who did not have their own and were planning to rent one.

With the huge crowd, the parking lot filled up early, and I want to thank Harold DeMoss for seeing the problem and becoming an ad hoc parking attendant.

An orienteering event depends on a lot of people helping out, and without their help, events could not take place. I want to thank the following people for providing assistance at the event:

Jonas Kjäll and Jim Fish – course setters
Kelly Wells – vetter
Bob Cooley – map printing
Jay Hann – COOL coordinator, food provider, and software and hardware assistance
James Wilson, Gary Kraght, and a first-time helper, Sarah Williams – registration (Neither Gary nor Sarah did a course and were at the registration desk all morning.)
Rosemary Johnson and Jeff Lanam – electronic punching
Jim Fish, Harold and Penny DeMoss, Matre Storvestre, Gavin Williams – set up
George Minarik, Jim Fish, Gavin Williams, Leslie Minarik, Don Gee – starts
Scott Aster – beginner's clinics
Nancy Lindeman – social and refreshments
Joan Roos – first aid
Harold and Penny DeMoss led a large team of control picker uppers, including Jonas Kjäll, Steve Gregg, Mark Blair, Greg Ehrensing, Joe Maffei, Marina Keating, Steve Harrison, and first-timers, Lisa Tracy and Paulette Schafer
Sergio Huerta, Chief ranger at Tilden Park, and Tiffany Margulici, special permit director for EBRPD

There were others who stepped in to fill odd jobs as needed, and I apologize to anybody whom I did not mention.

Thanks From Participants

Thanks very much to Evan, Jonas, and Jim ... plus all the helpers for a great event today. It was a beautiful day to be out in the woods. As always, Evan ran a well organized/planned event. We all appreciate the many terrific events that Evan has produced over the years. We can understand your desire to retire, though, as it is a lot of work.


Penny and Harold

Thanks for Control Pickup

I wish to thank the volunteers who helped pick up controls at Tilden Park. Penny had to leave right after she ran, so I "stepped up" as they say in the sports world. We had all the controls in about an hour after course closure.

The course setter, Jonas Kjäll, picked up the very farthest ones on his mountain bike, since the road was closed in that area.

The volunteers for control pickup were: Steve Gregg, Mark Blair, Gregg Ehrensing, Joe Maffei, Marina Keating, Steve Harrison, Lisa Tracy, and Paulette Schafer.

I particularly wish to thank Lisa Tracy and Paulette Schafer, who are new to Orienteering, and first-time picking up controls. They picked up mostly White and Yellow controls. Lisa and Paulette said they love to volunteer for the club activities — and of course, I immediately "fell in love" with both of them.

Harold DeMoss


Tilden Regional Park

Berkeley, CA
Sunday, February 27, 2011

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget (introduction; this event (

  Pl  Name                                  Time

White Course    (1.5 km, 70 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Bryan & Sky Pro                       17:51
   2  Gavin Smith (COOL)                    18:04
   3  Julia Doubson (COOL)                  18:35
   4  Sasha Iakovlev (COOL)                 19:46
   5  Allie Harvey                          20:35
   6  Riley Felt, Kim Thorenfeldt           20:40
   7  Davy Williams (COOL)                  24:59
   8  Todd & Cecilia Williams               25:14
   9  Tristan Tzortzis, Jim & Nick Ryn      33:00
  10  Andrew Kim (COOL)                     34:46
  11  Albany Pack 3                         36:14
  12  Team Freebirds                        37:16
  13  Emily Attiyeh, Allison Merrill        41:23
  14  Chivers family                        42:18
  15  Christina Chin, Brittany & Natali     43:14
  16  Utzig family                          43:53
  17  MacGregor Killeen                     45:37
  18  Braden & Andre Killeen                45:40
  19  Ron & John Manning                    47:51
  20  Misha Iakovlev                        52:56
  21  Olena Tsvirkunove                     55:26
  22  C. Johnston, Thomas & Martha Ma     1:17:08
  23  Rickey Stuart, Caleb Sperry         1:17:50
  24  Morganstein family                  1:34:06
  25  Jack & Robert Dale                  1:34:11
  26  Denis Coulombe, Ghislaine Fortier   1:37:03
  27  Andrei & Oleg Yershov               1:44:31

      Sarah Robson                          DNF
      Vera Alekseyeva                       DNF

Yellow Course   (2.4 km, 105 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Constance Storvestre (COOL)           24:54
   2  Natalie Kim (COOL)                    38:46
   3  N & B Smith, Christina Chin           40:51
   4  Daniel Sebo (COOL)                    45:04
   5  Johanna Karras (COOL)                 45:23
   6  Lisa Marie Hadley                     46:44
   7  Jeremy & Zack Saunders                50:03
   8  Sasha Iakovlev (COOL)                 51:37
   9  Daniel Kim (COOL)                     52:40
  10  Team Dianda                           55:14
  11  Clifton & Jack Sorrell                55:38
  12  Samuel Morris (COOL)                  55:47
  13  Scott & Austen Spears                 56:47
  14  Judith Bettencourt                    59:05
  14  Dante Skinner                         59:05
  15  Masha Konkov (COOL)                 1:00:06
  16  Bill Barnes                         1:03:08
  17  Greg Ward, Elizabeth Addison        1:08:06
  18  Ruben Bergtraun                     1:09:57
  19  Idell Weydemeyer                    1:11:07
  20  Lexie Bouey                         1:11:11
  21  T24 Purple Panthers                 1:15:53
  22  Danya Kapelevitch                   1:16:57
  23  Tim Libell                          1:18:13
  24  Kevin Walker                        1:20:55
  25  Carol Bruton, Anthea Carmichael     1:21:48
  26  Near Shelton                        1:28:46
  27  George Dianda                       1:34:52
  28  Fedor Karpelevitch                  1:44:09
  29  Joe Stemmerich                      1:45:16
  30  Isabel & Kyle Gabriell, Kevin W     1:46:03
  31  Tim Walker                          1:46:29
  32  Stacy Scweppe                       1:53:01
  33  Jeff, Sonja, & Johanna Dickert      2:16:55

      Janda Karel                           DNF
      Scott & Austen Spears                 DNF

  Second Course

      Bryan & Sky Pro                       29:25
      Ron Manning                           31:39
      Allie Harvey                          44:02

Orange Course   (3.0 km, 150 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Mark Sinks (COOL)                     40:36
   2  Matthew Adams (COOL)                  44:56
   3  David Harrison (COOL)                 48:56
   4  Gavin Williams (COOL)                 51:27
   5  Ken Sheaffer                          56:25
   6  Max Baumhefner, Wayne Wagner          56:49
   7  Ben Hallsted (COOL)                   56:58
   8  Brent Adams                         1:02:18
   9  Rod Sinks, Jeff Simpson             1:02:42
  10  Rachel Jensen                       1:02:58
  11  Charles Brenner                     1:05:45
  12  Darin Fredericks                    1:09:12
  13  Michael Dougherty                   1:09:16
  14  GB Sears                            1:09:45
  15  Kate Campbell                       1:09:55
  16  Harold DeMoss                       1:12:50
  17  Joanne Yim                          1:13:55
  17  Nathan Kelso                        1:13:55
  19  Terra MacEwen                       1:15:45
  20  Robert & Emily Peters               1:19:45
  21  Kate Siegel, Andrea Steinbach       1:23:33
  22  Paul & Kathy Li                     1:23:41
  23  Tom Minarik                         1:36:11
  24  Doug Walker                         1:37:31
  25  Patrick McGlynn                     1:50:57
  26  Teruko Follette                     2:28:55
  27  Kevin Tang, Alex Legenhausen        2:39:29

      Maximillian Marin (COOL)              DNF
      Dave Landefeld                        DNF
      Bruce LaBelle                         DNF
      Team Jellyfish                        DNF
      Nigel Killeen                         DNF

Brown Course    (3.0 km, 145 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Joe Knapp                             36:55
   2  Adrian Martin                         37:53
   3  Elliott Delaye                        47:54
   4  Ralf Bergert                          49:45
   5  Joe Scarborough                       49:51
   6  Ken Considine                         52:56
   7  Scott Aster                         1:00:55
   8  Jeff Samuels                        1:03:42
   9  Mark Rice                           1:09:25
  10  Irena Stefanov                      1:11:54
  11  Nick Corsano                        1:11:57
  12  Stefana Stefanov                    1:15:59
  13  Jennifer Kerr (GCO)                 1:21:57
  14  Lena Eydelberg                      1:26:20
  15  Gorshenevs                          1:26:50
  16  Cliff Sorrell                       1:29:00
  17  Joan Roos                           1:36:07
  18  Team Zurowzski                      1:36:17
  19  Judy Koehler                        1:36:46
  20  Diane & Fred Ciaramaglia            1:37:44
  21  Kevin Hinkley, Terri Hunt           1:41:09
  22  Nancy Lindeman                      2:09:32

      Vic Revenko                           DNF

Green Course    (4.2 km, 235 m climb, 14 controls)

   1  Benjamin Legg                         54:49
   2  George Minarik                      1:02:41
   3  Matej Sebo (COOL)                   1:05:52
   4  Nikolay Chukanov                    1:15:01
   5  Penny DeMoss                        1:16:27
   6  Marie-Jose Parayre                  1:18:06
   7  Greg Ehrensing                      1:19:12
   8  Michael Behrens                     1:20:41
   9  Dan Greene                          1:20:45
  10  Chuck Spalding                      1:25:33
  11  Vicki Woolworth                     1:26:10
  12  Wayne Caplinger                     1:31:56
  13  Julian Early (COOL)                 1:37:39
  14  Jonathan Hallsted (COOL)            1:50:55
  15  Fyodor Konkov                       1:51:30
  16  Johanna Merriss                     1:52:35
  17  Shura Kretchetov                    1:56:02
  18  Bill Follette                       1:58:59
  19  Mai Trang, Peter Graube             2:11:27
  20  Tod Flak                            2:18:27
  21  David Hallsted (COOL)               2:55:01
  22  Judy & Tom Cronin                   3:07:53

Red Course      (5.5 km, 365 m climb, 14 controls)

   1  Vladimir Gusiatnikov                1:00:10
   2  Steve Gregg                         1:19:44
   3  Matthias Kohler                     1:22:11
   4  Tapio Karras                        1:25:33
   5  James Wilson                        1:27:40
   6  Lubomir Sebo                        1:28:52
   7  Derek Maclean                       1:29:47
   8  Stephen Harrison                    1:38:16
   9  Rikke Silverson                     1:38:27
   9  Cedric LasFargues                   1:38:27
  11  Eric Rosenzweig                     1:41:18
  12  Mark Blair                          1:48:49
  13  Theo Verhoeven                      1:51:11
  14  Luc Poppe                           1:52:14
  15  Marina Keating                      2:03:23
  16  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                    2:12:21
  17  Won Rhee, Mary Low, Nigel Gulston   3:28:11

Blue Course     (6.9 km, 485 m climb, 20 controls)

   1  Mikkel Conradi                      1:27:30
   2  Dennis Wilkinson                    1:31:07
   3  Kristoffer Anderson                 1:32:47
   4  Francois Leonard                    1:34:18
   5  Greg Khanlarov                      1:37:48
   6  Dan Rathbun                         2:15:57
   7  Roger Pruett                        2:21:44
   8  Joe Maffei                          2:22:03
   9  Pat Malone                          2:42:17
  10  Cross Fit Adventure                 2:55:55

      Mark Prior                            DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)