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BAOC Board Meeting

Date: (Tue.) Jun. 16, 2009
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Directors: - 650.321.9713, - 650.248.9595
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors -- 7:00-10:00 PM; pizza will be available at 6:30 -- All club members are welcome

Meeting Highlights

By , BAOC Secretary

BAOC will be putting on a series of short Trail-O demonstration courses at some of our existing meets. There should be an announcement by the end of the month.

The Golden Gate Getaway will be comprised of the fall A-meet at Pacheco State Park, followed by a week of sprint training put on by Terraloco and Get Lost!, culminating in the North American Sprint Finals the following weekend. A motion was moved and seconded to approve an agreement for co-producing the sprint events. The motion passed.

The JWOC Task Force is in the process of deciding whether it is a good undertaking for BAOC to submit a bid for the 2013 Junior World Orienteering Championship. The task force will present a recommendation to the board at the September board meeting. If the board agrees to proceed with the bid, we would present our bid to USOF, who would submit it to the IOF.

BAOC is planning to hold a low-key event in the Tahoe National Forest in August, using a Google/USGS map, to test whether we are able to get a permit to hold an event there.

The A-meet committee has decided to hold only one A-meet in 2010. We will hold a Fall meet at Boggs Mountain, October 1–3, 2010, with a sprint, middle-distance, long-distance, and possibly a Night-O event.

The USOF fee per start has increased from $0.25 in 2008 to $0.60 this year, and will increase to $1.00 in 2010.

We have formed a task force to study our event fees and make a recommendation to the board in September.

The club will be conducting an online survey to find out people's opinions on subjects such as reasons to become members, the cost of our events, reading the Bulletin, volunteering, etc.

Three USOF bylaws changes will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting later this month (at the Washington A-meet):

A straw vote was taken on each of the proposals, and all passed.

The Equipment, Juniors, and E-punch Directors will work together to formulate a BAOC General Purpose Equipment Policy.

The tentative next board meeting date is Monday, September 14, 2009, in Menlo Park.

[The approved meeting minutes are available here.]