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U.C. Berkeley Sprint

Date: (Sun.) Jan. 21, 2007
Location: Berkeley, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setter: Rex Winterbottom
Type: C; Campus O -- White, Yellow, and Sprint (part of the 2007 BAOC Sprint Series)

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Event Write-Up

By Rex Winterbottom

A fine day. The weather turned nobody away! And the campus provided fertile grounds for fun navigation exercises. Turnout was terrific, and we received far-flung visitors from Finland and Bulgaria. Many newcomers enjoyed their first time out. Newcomers and oldcomers alike got the party started for BAOC's inaugural Sprint Series.

I am indebted to the helpers for their solid support. They stepped up when needed and where necessary, filled a few holes that came up, and kept the help coming. Terry Farrah, in particular, wins the help "triple crown" for wearing three hats. And reminding countless finishers to check the results on the website. Joan Roos takes the "overcoming adversity" award for her work at the coolish finish spot early on. Without such a crew, the event does not work, and I'm thankful for the buoyant spirit and perseverance of each of them.

Oh, and the courses. Our third successful ePunch event at Berkeley in a row — no controls knicked, dented, scratched, moved, or abducted. Well, that was just the Sprint — the White and Yellow courses used permanent features of the campus. The Yellow course was particularly exciting in the "Q&A" department... #4: Shed, E side. Brand of lock: Is it (a) Ace? (b) Master? (c) AccuLock? Well, if you went to the W side of the shed, there was an Ace lock. Of course, setting the course, I only paid attention to the E side of the shed, where it was a "Master" lock. About 15% of the people were affected, and after Chuck Spalding verified our "double lock" theory, I decided to accept all as valid.

Yellow did well for the off-roading, jumping in and out of the wild parts of campus. The Sprint upped the trickiness factor with more traps, changes of direction, changes of pace, and tougher route choice dilemmas. It was designed to demand your attention. Venerable navigator Vladimir Gusiatnikov commented that several of the traps "hurt so good." Course champion and U.S. team member Eric Bone remarked that he had to keep his afterburners powered down and constantly read the map. Validation that you needn't be hundreds of miles away in some unknown forest to have a quality orienteering challenge. Sprints are for real. If you don't know, ask somebody who's been to an I.O.F. Park World Tour event. Or, participate in one of our scheduled or yet-to-be scheduled events in BAOC's Spring Sprint Series, and live the thrill.

For the women on the Sprint, Terry Farrah edged Trinka Gillis by a few seconds. The White course provided a classic tour of campus monuments and stuck close to the main paved pathways. Mark Davidson blazed through it. Barbara Robben topped the women. On the Yellow course, top honors go to Fedor Karpelevitch and Rosemary Johnson. Congratulations to Chuck Spalding and the team of Hanoch Raviv and Roni Kornitz for taking up the challenge of running all three courses. They ate it all up. Like snacks.

Registration: James Wilson, Terry Farrah

Starts: Nancy Lindeman, Rosemary Johnson, Terry Gleason, Eric Bone

Finishes: Joan Roos, Terry Farrah, Vladimir Gusiatnikov

Beginners' Clinics: Terry Farrah

Control Pickup: Bjorn Widerstrom, Nancy Lindeman, Dean French, Mutsumi Sugizaki, Vladimir Gusiatnikov

ePunch: Trinka Gillis, Bjorn Widerstrom, Jeff Lanam

"Takedown": Mutsumi Sugizaki, Trinka Gillis, Bjorn Widerstrom

OCAD, Condes, entering paper courses into the computer, clue sheet making, map printing: Bob Cooley

Investigating the ACE and Master locks at Yellow #4: Chuck Spalding


U.C. Berkeley Sprint

Berkeley, CA
Sunday, January 21, 2007

  Pl  Name(s)                              Time

White Course    (1.6 km, 30 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Mark Davidson                        12:53
   2  Hanoch Raviv, Roni Kornitz           16:14
   3  Matthew Mattson                      18:14
   4  Jamie Caplinger                      20:58
   5  Andrea & Adriana Shepherd            22:28
   6  Davie & Carl Williams                27:09
   7  Chris Broekhoff                      29:17
   8  Barbara Robbin                       30:07
   9  Ally McCarthy, Jennifer Foreman      31:27
  10  William & Scott Stelter              33:57
  11  Pinto, Matteuci                      35:32
  12  Emma Stelter, Naomi Cahn             37:02
  13  Robin Leadbetter, Maggie Fishbaugh   37:55
  14  Danya Karpelevitch                   43:45
  15  Diane Hall                           44:57
  16  Jeremy Kirshner                      45:17
  17  Perhe Schenker                       47:56
  18  Laura & John Pattillo                48:17
  19  Kelly Houston, Jessica Cruz          48:30
  20  Dan Eggerding                        49:09
  21  Caplinger family                     49:46
  22  Mike, Eliza, & Juliet Ellis          59:32
  23  Jamie McKeegan, Aiyana Price       1:09:51

      Lily Kuo                              DNF

  Third Course

      Chuck Spalding                       12:40

Yellow Course   (2.9 km, 60 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Fedor Karpelevitch                   31:19
   2  Victor Passinsky                     32:24
   3  Kevin Harrington, Denise Ebright     33:05
   4  Vicki Woolworth, Barbara Kreiss      37:21
   5  Kevin, Terri, Paul                   37:49
   6  Bob Heady, Jane Morehead             38:29
   7  Carl Close                           38:57
   8  David & Kathy Thoni                  39:17
   9  Rosemary Johnson                     39:17
  10  Carolyn & Jim Scacchetti             51:14
  11  Judy Koehler                         52:26
  12  Helen Serafino, Lisa Tracy           56:47
  13  D. V. Outdoors                       56:57
  14  Gavin Williams                       58:34
  15  Joanne Leadbetter,
        Andrew Schluchter                  59:27
  16  Alexander & Helena Krechetov       1:01:14
  17  Galena Shakhnovsky                 1:04:02
  18  Colleen Denaro                     1:22:35
  19  "Show me the Money"                1:23:00
  20  Mike & Jean Jones                  1:23:45
  21  Bill & Dana Wiebalk                1:24:16
  22  Kerri, Andy, Emily, & Jack Adams   1:32:45
  23  Shirley Pierce                     1:38:17
  24  Sylvie Le Gall                     1:50:51
  25  Harold Lischuer                    3:18:57

      Katz, Grobman                         DNF
      Eric Rosenzweig group                 DNF
      Emma Stelter, Jessica Grey            DNF

  Second Course

      Mark Davidson                        25:57
      Chuck Spalding                       26:29
      Hanoch Raviv, Roni Kornitz           30:31
      Jennifer Kerr                        38:12
      Thierry Legall                       53:35
      Nancy Lindeman                       59:28
      Dan Eggerding                      1:38:23

      Vladimir Gusiatnikov & Belle          DNF
      Jennifer Foreman, Ally McCarthy       DNF

Sprint Course   (3.0 km, 60 m climb, 17 controls)

   1  Eric Bone                            17:47
   2  Vladimir Gusiatnikov                 18:46
   3  Mikkel Conradi                       19:13
   4  Syd Reader                           19:47
   5  Wesley Willett                       20:13
   6  Jean-Charles Baritaux                20:14
   7  Tapio Karras                         20:17
   8  Andrejus Masalkovas                  22:06
   9  Dennis Wildfogel                     22:19
  10  Johan Heiber                         22:46
  11  Mitsumi Sugizaki                     22:52
  12  Tomer Maymon                         23:31
  13  Chuck Spalding                       24:15
  14  Robin Gustaffson                     24:34
  15  Greg Khanlarov                       24:56
  16  George Minarik                       24:59
  17  Dan Greene                           25:19
  18  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                     25:34
  19  James Wilson                         26:08
  20  Bob Cooley                           26:23
  21  Roni Kornitz, Hanoch Raviv           27:06  (3rd course)
  22  Bjorn Widerstrom                     28:40
  23  Viktor Passinsky                     30:09  (2nd course)
  24  Bob Strauss                          30:22
  25  Terry Farrah                         33:02
  26  Trinka Gillis                        33:39
  27  Brian Kirshner                       34:20
  28  Jeff Lanam                           34:53
  29  Stefan Stefanov                      34:56
  30  Jennifer Kerr                        36:02
  31  Terry Gleason                        38:09
  32  Oleg Shakhnovsky                     38:50
  33  Joan Roos                            41:20
  34  Thierry Legall                       41:47
  35  Steve Beuerman                       45:34
  36  Dwight Freund                        46:03
  37  Laura McKeegan                       52:31
  38  Frederick Lee                        52:38
  39  Teguh Subiantoro, Becky Redfield     58:03
  40  Nancy Lindeman                     1:14:12
  41  Dean French                        1:15:51

      Kevin Hinkley                        DNF           


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)