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Twin Peaks

Date: (Sat.) May. 12, 2007
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 415.359.4237
Course Setter: Mark Prior
Type: C; Score-O event on the streets of scenic San Francisco

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Event Write-Up


Fifty-four intrepid souls braved the blustery wind of central San Francisco to take part in the second running of the Twin Peaks Street-O event. First-time competitors were surprised by the complexity of the map and the myriad routing options.

The nation’s first subway orienteering option proved to be a success as well, with many competitors using the MUNI underground street car to quickly whisk themselves to far-flung parts of the map.

Top honors, not surprisingly, fell to SF’s own Mikkel Conradi who immediately took MUNI to the Forest Hill station, and then wend a contour-centric route back over Twin Peaks and Mt. Sutro designed to maximize points. Wily map-studier Bob Cooley also used MUNI, cutting a more direct swath back home for second place. Poor Andrew Masalkov ran his heart out directly up and down the hill, collecting lots of points, but was sufficiently late to get bumped to third. Urban navigator extraordinaire, Terry Farrah, took top spot in the women's heat showing why she is the queen of the metrogaine.

We had many first-time recreational people as well as adventure racers preparing for Terry’s Night & Day event. It was really nice to see the seasoned orienteers helping run the event and educate competitors and spectators alike.

Volunteers, as hoped, turned out to be aplenty as people seemed to enjoy the nice view and bustling location. Special thanks to Scott Aster for lending some credibility to the operation. Tomar Maymon, Shirley Pierce, Terry Farrah, Nancy Lindeman, and Steve Haas all stepped up and helped run starts, finishes, registration, and crowd control. As I say goodbye to my beloved SF map for now, a sincere note of appreciation to Bob Cooley for his mapping guidance and logistical support.


Twin Peaks

San Francisco, CA
Saturday, May 12, 2007

  Pl  Name(s)                         Points

   1  Mikkel Conradi                   100
   2  Bob Cooley                        79
   3  Andrew Masalkov                   72
   4  Tomar Maymon                      70
   5  Chris Broekhoff                   64
   6  Terry Farrah                      63
   7  Theo Verhoeven, Nicolas Braem     57
   8  Steve Haas                        54
   9  Neal Lischner                     52
  10  Oliver Pohl, Courtney Howard      51
  11  Alex Solomatnikov                 49
  12  Cameron & Toby Ferguson           47
  13  Brian Kirshner                    45  (85:20)
  14  Ann & Jason                       45  (85:36)
  15  Frederick Lee                     43
  16  Scott Aster                       42
  17  Jennifer Klafin                   40
  18  Cedric Lasfargues, Luke Poppe     39
  19  Cynthia Sparks, Rick Norbutas     38
  20  James Ada, Elliot, & Adrianna     35
  21  "The City Rangers"                30
  22  Nancy Lindeman, Shirley Pierce    28
  23  Julia Doubson                     27  (86:15)
  24  Dwight Freund & family            27  (88:10)
  25  Sean Ferber, Jason Savelli        26
  26  Judy Koehler                      25
  27  "The Four Clarks"                 23
  28  Daniel & Manfree Kopisch          21
  29  Margaret Longstreth               18
  30  Jeff Sears                        15

      Gavin Wyatt-Mair
      Rosemary Johnson
      Zoe Mahony, Natasha Doubson, Masha Konkov