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Stanford University

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 29, 2007
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Event Director: - 650.321.6216
Course Setter: Matthias Kohler
Type: C; White, Yellow, Orange, and Sprint courses

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Event Write-Up


Only about 100 people came to Stanford for orienteering on a pleasant Spring day. That's less than half the number at recent year's events, with participation on the White course down about 80%! What happened? Who can know? Perhaps our attendance was down because Stanford wouldn't let us have our event the same day as their annual Community Day event. Or perhaps it was because the permit was uncertain up to a few days before the event, so people made other plans. In any case, we should try to eliminate those complications in future years.

As is usual at Stanford, the White course was a bit more challenging than normal, requiring careful navigation through a maze of buildings, roads, and paths on the campus. However, all six entries completed the course successfully, with Galena Karpelevich finishing first in a quick 21:00; more than 6 minutes ahead of the group of Little Patrick, Big Patrick, Sophia, Anna, and Nick at 27:40.

Participation on the Yellow course was down "only" 60% from previous years. That course was a nice step up in difficulty and distance from the White course. Yellow had more complicated route finding, more controls, and longer legs. The course was won by experienced club member Gary Kraght with a swift 26:02, well ahead of Rod & Kristina Sinks in second at 35:58.

The Orange course was another nice step up from the Yellow course, with more controls, longer legs, and even more complicated route finding. Four of the top five times were recorded by guys who had previously run the Sprint course (it must be nice to have that speed and stamina!). However, since the two courses shared four controls, those guys earned only bragging rights, and the official first-place finisher was longtime club member Tony Pinkham at 37:20. Chris Broekhoff (who might be fairly new to orienteering) finished second at 41:59 (ahead of several longtime club members).

The Sprint course provided an opportunity for people to stretch their legs, and they did! The top two finishers, Ben Legg and Syd Reader, had identical times. (Ben is listed first in the results because he didn't have Syd's "home-field" advantage. However, Syd was the first starter, with nobody to chase, and Ben was catching Tapio Karras throughout the course, so perhaps Syd deserves top bragging rights.) Third-place finisher Rex Winterbottom was only one second slower! The fourth- and fifth-place finishers were only 18 and 20 seconds behind Rex, so the top five finishers were separated by only 21 seconds. In addition, there were other very close finishes throughout the field. We should have used E-Punch!* The women's race within the race had Stephanie Maclean finishing first, several minutes ahead of Tatiana Fedyk.

As always, the event couldn't have been held without the efforts of many people—before and at the event. Peter Graham and Russell Neilson ran the gauntlet of Stanford bureaucracy to get the permit, with support by Brad Wetmore. Matthias Kohler did an excellent job of designing the courses, all the more notable considering this was his first time setting courses not on snow. Matthias also recorded map corrections and prepared the maps and courses for printing, and set most of the controls (in the morning of the event). As usual, many thanks go to Bob Cooley for his invaluable help with the maps—in addition to printing all the maps (and we asked for a lot of them, because of the anticipated crowd), Bob also entered Matthias' corrections.

Jim Fish was very helpful throughout the morning, eagerly jumping in when a need arose. The ever-present registration team of Ev & Jean Beuerman did their usual wonderful job. Beginners clinics were given by Dan Greene and Jim Fish. Starts were handled by Meg Gerstner, Russell Neilson, Tony Pinkham, and Jim Fish (he was everywhere!). Russell Neilson, Leslie & George Minarik, and Gary Kraght computed the results. Last but not least, Tapio Karras kindly stayed until the end to help Matthias and me pick up the controls.

Thanks to all those folks, and to anyone who I've inadvertently overlooked. _______________

* Just kidding. We didn't use E-punch because of the risk of having units go missing. Yes, I know we've used E-punch at that other university across the bay, but that campus doesn't have any people around on the weekend.  ;-)


Stanford University

Palo Alto, CA
Sunday, April 29, 2007

  Pl  Name(s)                            Time

White Course    (2.1 km, 20 m climb, 10 controls)  (19 people)

   1  Galena Karpelevich                 21:00
   2  Little Patrick, Big Patrick,
        Sophia, Anna, Nick               27:40
   3  Jeremy Kirshner                    31:00
   4  John, Wendy, Ryan, & Claire Tseng  44:36
   5  Bella Swan, Chara Tang             51:20
   6  Larry, Crystal, Thomas, Megan,
        & Rachel Steinke, Tyler Mayer    58:56

Yellow Course   (3.5 km, 30 m climb, 13 controls)  (33 people)

   1  Gary Kraght                        26:02
   2  Rod & Kristina Sinks               35:58
   3  Eric, Kathryn, Anna, & Neil
        Verwillows, Noah Hornik          38:30
   4  Zahir Kureshi, Max Friday          40:12
   5  Gray Chang                         44:34
   6  Carmel Karmin                      46:34
   7  Troop 888: Flaming Arrow B       1:04:51
   8  Fred & Marcia Ciaramaglia        1:05:14
   9  Craig Pierce                     1:14:54
  10  Dox & Sarah Doxiadis             1:18:24
  11  Mark, Judy, Rowen, Karen, &
        Susannah Zellers               2:27:05
  12  Troop 888: Flaming Arrow A       2:52:22

      Troop 888: White Wolves B          DNF   (Missed #13, 1:01:07)
      Callie & Quincy Rosenzweig         DNF
      Troop 888: White Wolves A          DNF   (Lost card)

Orange Course   (5.3 km, 25 m climb, 15 controls)  (44 people)

   1  Tony Pinkham                       37:20
   2  Chris Broekhoff                    41:59
   3  Eric Rosenzweig                    43:34
   4  Evan Custer                        44:12
   5  Frank Markowitz                    45:07
   6  Ramana Yerneni                     47:32
   7  Patty Clemo                        50:15
   8  Nick Corsano                       50:36
   9  Brian Hart, Michelle Gong          50:44
  10  Scott Aster                        53:05
  11  Valeria & Yurii Fedyk              53:46
  12  Alex & Marina Solomatnikov         54:59
  13  Ann Gaudard, Jason Weeby           55:33
  14  Leslie Minarik                     56:13
  15  Oleg Shakhnovsky                   58:11
  16  Brian Kirshner                     58:32
  17  Jim Fish                         1:01:40
  18  Neal Lischner                    1:04:10
  19  Alak Ghosh                       1:06:08
  20  Moose Patrol: Kevin Hu,
        Jeffrey Wang, Justin Wang      1:06:25
  21  Meg Gerstner                     1:17:39
  22  John Marold                      1:25:07
  23  Judy Koehler                     1:29:42
  24  Brandon & Amelia Nugent          1:31:31
  25  Fred & Donna Munic               1:33:08
  26  Shura Krechetov, Lena, & Mila    1:39:00
  27  Eileen Everett                   2:14:34

      Colleen Denaro                     MSP   (Wrong #9)
      Harold Lischner                    DNF   (Lost card)

  Second Course

      Mark Prior                         30:40
      Rex Winterbottom                   30:54
      Mikkel Conradi                     31:19
      Steve Gregg                        37:55
      Bob Cooley                         44:26

Sprint Course   (3.3 km, 25 m climb, 13 controls)  (28 people)

   1  Ben Legg                           18:46
   1  Syd Reader                         18:46
   3  Rex Winterbottom                   18:47
   4  Mark Prior                         19:05
   5  Mikkel Conradi                     19:07
   6  Steve Gregg                        20:39
   7  Tapio Karras                       20:44
   8  Dennis Wildfogel                   21:06
   9  Russell Neilson                    22:14
  10  Derek Maclean                      22:21
  11  Greg Khanlarov                     22:22
  12  Robin Gustafsson                   22:49
  13  Ido Green                          23:05
  14  Oren Rigbi                         23:24
  15  Andrejus Masalkovas                24:10
  16  George Minarik                     24:37
  17  Kent Ohlund                        24:55
  18  Dan Greene                         26:16
  19  Jason Hogan                        28:51
  20  Stephanie Maclean                  32:16  (1st female)
  21  Shura Krechetov                    32:17
  22  Bob Cooley                         32:47
  23  Tatiana Fedyk                      41:06  (2nd female)
  24  Jeff Lanam                         43:02
  25  Anja Kahanpaa                      43:19  (3rd female)
  26  Steve Beuerman                     43:28
  27  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                   45:10
  28  Julia Doubson                      59:16  (4th female)


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)