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Roberts Regional Recreation Area & Joaquin Miller Park

Date: (Sat.) Jul. 21, 2007
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 510.619.5728
Course Setters: Joe Scarborough, Bruce Wolfe
Type: C; Orienteering skills training in morning; potluck social lunch; White, Yellow, Orange, Sprint courses in afternoon

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Event Write-Up


As in past years, the idea was a format that emphasized the distance and leg length of a sprint, but with navigational demands of fine orienteering in the traditional forest setting. It was possible to get away from the urban "terrain," trails, and the emphasis on running speed, and following what we have seen in recent sprints by virtue of the runnable yet technical requirements of this prime piece of redwood forest.

Mattias Eriksson (2nd) and Mikkel Conradi (3rd) reversed their 2006 finishing order, and James Scarborough stepped in to replace Vladimir Gusiatnikov in the top spot. James, retired from international competition since the 2006 WOC and now out of training, was able to hold off the competition through a relatively clean run. As this was James' home terrain, he would ordinarily be in line for an "unofficial" designation for competition here, but he maintains that past experience was of no consequence in locating, such was the concentration required.

I think the intensive remapping and technical course design made the area much less familiar for all the old timers who took part. At least that was the objective. There are not the huge and memorable features of typical or Bay Area terrain, nor the line features and buildings of the standard sprint. Instead there is just enough vegetation for appropriately challenging visibility, but reasonable runnability and influence on route choice. Likewise the relief is enough for interest and navigation without lengthy uphill slogs. The beautiful redwood forest is an aesthetic bonus.

I'm still looking for critiques pro and con from participants. The only significant error I am aware of was the omission of a clump of fight near #19 but that was caught and corrected in time by hand. I am not sure about readability with all three loops shown on a single map. Also there were a couple of spots that could have used some additional refinement of the vegetation mapping.

Special thanks to Bruce Wolfe and Steve Gregg who performed a super job vetting. No matter how conscientious the preparation, a good thorough vetting is bound to yield additional map corrections and course design tweaks. Thanks also to James and Evan Custer who served as the early runners, and to James for manning the Start and Finish. Thanks also to Evan for the EP results, and to Rosemary Johnson for her support as Event Director.

Despite being BAOC's most heavily used terrain—sprints alone date back to the 1992 Club Championship—this little morsel of terrain continues to offer some of our best orienteering. Watch for the JMP Sprint 2008.


Roberts Regional Recreation Area & Joaquin Miller Park

Oakland, CA
Saturday, July 21, 2007

  Pl  Name                     Time

White Course    (1.4 km, 70 m climb, 8 controls)

   1  Julia Doubson            16:54
   2  Masha Konkov             20:54

Yellow Course   (1.9 km, 130 m climb, 8 controls)

   1  Gela, Artem, &
        Peter Siganevich     1:04:25
   2  Team Behrens           1:33:11
   3  Xena & Asher Wolf      1:37:06

      Shirley Pierce           DNF

Orange Course   (2.8 km, 260 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Victor Passinsky         54:34
   2  Cameron Ferguson         56:04
   3  Alex & Chris Finch     1:05:41
   4  Hamish Ferguson        1:08:40
   5  Leslie Minarik         1:14:55
   6  Wes Erck               1:20:00
   7  Jim Fish               1:46:39
   8  Jordan Jordan          1:51:34
   9  Judy Koehler           1:55:34
  10  Nancy Lindeman         2:24:58

  Second Course

      Ido Green                32:08
      Brad Wetmore             46:47
      Marina Keating         1:23:43

Sprint Course   (2.2 km, 150 m climb, 20 controls)

   1  James Scarborough        18:23
   2  Mattias Eriksson         20:07
   3  Mikkel Conradi           21:53
   4  Andrejus Masalkovas      26:17
   5  Brad Wetmore             31:11
   6  Bob Cooley               32:18
   7  Russell Neilson          32:34
   8  Penny DeMoss             32:38
   9  George Minarik           34:35
  10  Toby Ferguson            34:48
  11  Evan Custer              37:16
  12  Gary Kraght              41:36
  13  Fyodor Konkov            44:19
  14  Mark Blair               46:46
  15  Iida Lahtela             47:21
  16  Nick Corsano             51:31
  17  Dwight Freund          1:05:43
  18  Steve Beuerman         1:09:12
  19  Yulia Pushkar          1:12:27
  20  Marina Keating         1:18:19
  21  Jeff Lanam             1:20:35

      Thierry Le Gall          DNF   (Did not download)
      Ido Green                DNF
      Margaret Longstreth      DNF
      Joan Roos                DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)