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BAOC Board Meeting

Date: (Tue.) Dec. 4, 2007
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Directors: - 650.321.9713, - 650.248.9595
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors -- 7:00-10:00 PM; pizza will be available at 6:30 -- All club members are welcome

Here are highlights of the BAOC Board Meeting on December 4, 2007:

The club budget for 2008 was discussed and approved.

Ben Legg is working on a design for new club uniforms. With a small group of club members, he will come up with some possible designs, then get feedback from the club. Once there is consensus on the design, he will take orders. We may be able to have the uniforms in hand by June.

2008 is the 30th anniversary of the founding of BAOC. Kelly Wells presented several ideas for the observance of this anniversary.

The board adopted policies on conflict of interest and awarding of grants.

A junior training grant program has been established. Jay Hann will administer it. Eligibility is limited to BAOC members under 21 years old, who run courses at or above the competitive class for their age and gender. Jay also reported on the start of BAOC COOL, the new interscholastic league, and on plans for a Junior Training Camp at Tahoe in June.

USOF has requested that we hold the U.S. Trail-O Champs at the 2008 O in the Oaks meet. The board approved a bid for this championship.

The 2008 Nominating Committee was authorized, to be chaired by Dan Greene.

Current USOF insurance does not cover use of car shuttles. The Club has received a quote for a separate policy to cover this. This insurance only covers the club's exposure. It is the responsibility of the drivers/vehicle owners to have their own insurance. In addition, the insurance company requires the DMV license number of all drivers in advance of an event.

In order to simplify EPunch, the EP Cadre is considering using the new GeBE printer beside the regular printer at events. The runner will download their results into the regular computer in the usual manner, but the regular printer will only be used to print cumulative results. The runner may punch in at the GeBE printer in order to obtain their individual splits. The first trial of this system will be at the Tilden meet in January.

Nick Corsano