Louise Madrid at Coyote Hills in 2000

Spring Lake Regional Park

Date: (Sat.) Apr. 15, 2006
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setter: Scott Aster
Type: C; White, Yellow, and Sprint courses, plus a special course with an Easter theme

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Event Write-Up

By Scott Aster

The weather was not bad for orienteering – cool, shady, and with the occasional shower to refresh everyone. Unfortunately, the soggy weather coupled with this being both the weekend of Easter and the deadline to file your taxes, caused our turnout, especially on the White and Yellow courses to be lower than usual. Times on White and Yellow seemed about right, but the times on the Sprint event were a bit slower than I predicted.

The ground was very wet, muddy at times, and slippery in places. The Sprint course toured among other areas, the large, exposed rock areas in the west part of the map, where the footing was treacherous, and this year's sprint was definitely more technical, with more route choice options than last year.

I think the soggy conditions slowed people down, as well as an unexpected obstacle, the normally dry creek bed. Both the Sprint and Yellow courses crossed the creek, and the depth of the creek surprised people. Depending on where people chose to cross, the water level was anywhere from knee to nearly waist-high depth. Some participants lost considerable time looking for a good place to cross.

Everyone seemed to have a good time though, and the only mild complaints I heard were from some of the Sprint competitors, who felt the map was not quite accurate enough in places. I apologize for that, and will try to do a thorough update before the next Sprint here.

The meet could only have happened with the gracious support of the volunteers. Judy Koehler gave clinics and helped pick up controls after the meet. Gary Kraght single handedly ran the registration table, Greg Logan handled all the starts, and Dan Greene helped with control pickup.


Spring Lake Regional Park

Santa Rosa, CA
Saturday, April 15, 2006

Note: The start & finish clocks turned out not to be synchronized, so everyone's actual time was about 40 seconds longer than listed.

  Pl  Name(s)                                           Time

White Course   (2.4 km, 30 m climb, 9 controls)

   1  Isabel Bryant                                     36:35
   2  David Bryant                                      37.12
   3  Kim, Luke, & Emily Sewall, Haley & Keith Romstad  37:25
   4  Lacey, Carol, & Phyllis Dubois, & Carol Zocchi    51:13
   5  Thorne, Sharon, & Neal Bertrand                   59:41
   6  James Grayson, Laiken, James, Austin              62:57
   7  Charlie, Lucy, & Doug Moore                       63:46
   8  Troop 315: Aaren Shupe & Josiah McVay             86:23

      Lisa Ziganti, Ty, Katie, & Paul Brenninger         DNF

Yellow Course  (3.5 km, 65 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Adam Doti                                         34:14
   2  Taylor Pipas, Jeff Green, Adam Armijo             34:34
   3  Linda Grimes, Anna Kennedy                        64:24
   4  Kathy Thwat, Branden, Kody, Daniel & Steven       89:51
   5  Evan Fitchett, Ken Chase                          96:50
   6  Martin, Lisa, Max, & Troy McKeay                  97:39
   7  Jeff van Horne, Connie Hutterer                  105:13
   8  Brad & Lisa Melton                               107:11
   9  Phyllis, Carol, & Lacey Dubois, Carol Zocchi     123:11  (2nd course)
  10  Tyler Madsen, Chase Mannisto                     132:01

      Brownie Troop #2983 #1 (5)                         DNF
      Brownie Troop #2983 #2 (7)                         DNF

Sprint Course  (3.0 km, 85 m climb, 17 controls)

   1  Mattias Eriksson                                  25:47
   2  Francois Leonard                                  27:03
   3  Russell Neilson                                   27:38
   4  Peter Graham                                      28:01
   5  Dennis Wildfogel                                  29:11
   6  Adam Doti                                         31:12  (2nd course)
   7  Jeff Green, Adam Armijo & Taylor Pipas            31:38  (2nd course)
   8  Dan Greene                                        32:29
   9  David Yee                                         34:53
  10  Donatas Zigmantas                                 35:01
  11  Gary Kraght                                       38:45
  12  Barb Bryant                                       40:11  (1st woman)
  13  Marie-Josee Parayre                               42:36  (2nd woman)
  14  Mark Hunt                                         66:12
  15  Lowell Moulton                                    96:02

Egg-O Course  (up to 12 km, up to 215 m climb, up to 29 controls)

   (The challenge was to find 6 "egg" controls out of 29 total.)

   1  Russell Neilson                                   42:11
   2  Peter Graham                                      47:57


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)