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Spring Lake County Park

Date: (Sun.) Sep. 18, 2005
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setter: Scott Aster
Type: C; National Orienteering Day "Come and Try It" event with White, Yellow, and "Phantom" courses

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Event Write-Up

By Scott Aster

We had a beautiful day for our National Orienteering Day event this month in Sonoma county.

81 participants came out to try orienteering at this very fun, scenic venue. Lots of wildlife was to be seen, including a flock of turkeys, jack rabbits, deer, and more squirrels than you could count. The weather was sunny and warm, and best of all, the poison oak was bright red, making it easy to spot (and avoid).

The meet ran flawlessly, thanks in large part to the excellent crew BAOC had at this event. Gary Kraght ran the start area, Judy Koehler handled beginner clinics (which included just about everyone who came to this event), my parents, George and Pat Aster smoothly handled the registration chores, and I relaxed at the finish line, with a cooler of cold drinks and a bag of pretzels!

We had a BAOC first on the Yellow course, when the winning team consisted of Dippy & Nemo, two large, friendly goats, shadowed by Robert & Jenny Thille. The goats expertly found the controls, and showed great willpower and thoughtfulness for their fellow competitors, by not eating the controls as they went. They obviously did build up a great appetite on the course though, as I noticed when they crossed the finish line and immediately began to chew on anything they could get to. Dippy and Nemo had perhaps an unfair advantage, having competed with Rob & Jenny on the Yellow course here last March. Emboldened by their win here, they are seriously considering coming down to compete in the club championships in November! Two-legged competitors get ready!

I also want to thank participant Aaron Shreve, for two things. First, he "encouraged" his school class (he is the teacher) to come out and try orienteering, and a lot of them did come out — having a great time while they learned navigation. Secondly, I want to thank Aaron for going out on the Phantom course, which I made particularly difficult by not listing how many of the controls were phantom, and how many were real. Aaron got all the "real" controls, and was the only successful finisher on the course. Great job!


Spring Lake County Park

Santa Rosa, CA
Sunday, September 18, 2005

  Pl  Name(s)                                          Time

White Course   (2.6 km, 30 m climb, 9 controls)

   1  Briana, Hayli, & Darren Sanazzano                42:30
   2  Simon Phommakosone                               49:05
   3  Diana & Alex Rich, Isaac Vega                    51:33
   4  Peter Buchmann & Jake B.                         51:51
   5  Leila & Marcia Salera                            67:18
   6  Tracy Uwins, Madison & Coulter Adams             71:33
   7  Mike & David Tinney                              71:45
   8  Tom, Linda, & Jennifer Reaves                    74:36
   9  Repetto - Bodtker (6)                            79:34
  10  Janice Sinclaire, Sawyer Brand, Clarice Phipps   96:41
  11  Rank, Sarada, & Jennifer Symonds                102:12

      Colleen Bohannon, Cabriah Ross                    DNF
      Jennifer Keegan, Sarah Taylor                     DNF

Yellow Course   (3.5 km, 110 m climb, 10 controls)
   1  Robert, Jenny, Dippy, & Nemo Thille              67:23
   2  Mark Burchill                                    74:36
   3  Carsen Brand, Branden Phipps                     79:09
   4  Marcella, Renee, & Ingrid Canelo                 86:38
   5  Rich, Alex, & Ian Walker                         97:01
   6  Heini, Ernie, & Devin Coggins                    98:26
   7  Wild Oak 4-H (Janet & William Leisen,
        Becky, Erin, & Alex Bleibaum                  102:20
   8  Jeff Levin, Diane Woloshia, Patrick Lane,
        Erin Neel, Beau Kilmer                        108:38
   9  Heather & Noelle Mills                          109:35
  10  Tom Brand, Melati Citrawireja, Garth Fisher     116:57
  11  Tom, Linda, & Jennifer Reaves                   117:22
  12  Troop 395 (11)                                  135:56

      Mitchell Steinkuehler, Martin Carreon             DNF

Phantom Course   (3.7 km, 125 m climb, 12 controls [6 phantom])
   1  Aaron Shreve                                    119:11


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)