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Joaquin Miller Park

Date: (Sun.) Jul. 17, 2005
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 510.525.1574
Course Setter: George Minarik
Type: B; Standard White through Blue courses

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Event Write-Up

By Leslie Minarik

While everyone else was broiling in the summer sun on July 17, orienteers were enjoying the shade of the redwood trees in Joaquin Miller Park. It is a great venue for the summer, and as Mark Blair pointed out, we should consider it a standard summer event. Gavin Wyatt-Mair vetted courses, noting that "the courses were great, packed with route choices and fine navigation." Evan Custer came in with a smile on his face, saying something about great route choices. Judy Koehler thought the Yellow course was very challenging, but great training. As event director, I thought the most rewarding aspect was the number of wonderful volunteers who came out on Sunday to make the event possible. I want to thank them all for a wonderful job.

Thank you very much to the following wonderful helpers:

Gavin Wyatt-Mair and Steve Gregg for vetting. Steve even came over to the house to spend an hour or so reworking the map.

Finishes were handled by Ingert Svard, her 10-week-old baby son, adoreable daughter Kajsa-Stina, and their dog. Watch out for Ingert's and Mattias' daughter. Kajsa-Stina is only 2-1/2, but she was wandering the area with map, compass, and e-punch in hand searching for controls. Her father finally hung a control low enough that she was able to punch. She looks like she has great potential. Thank you to Chuck Spalding who did not compete but came out Sunday to spend hours working the finish and to help at the end of the day. Gary Kraght did the same. Though he didn't compete, he drove over from Marin to help with the starts.

Thank you to the e-punch crew: Jeff Lanam, Rosemary Johnson, and Evan Custer. Evan is a hero for carrying all the equipment and the battery up and over the hill. James Wilson and Martin Kunz calmly and effienctly handled the registration. After Martin ran the Red course, he also volunteered to pick up controls. Jim Fish and Alan Hauser did a great job on the top of the knoll getting all the competitors off. They were assisted by a very kind fellow with a broken ankle. He came early and was very glad to help with early starts and then stayed on. I am sorry I don't remember his name. Bill Papendick and Judy Koehler volunteered to do beginners clinics. Scott Aster helped with results, and brought his parents for a day in the forest. And after a long day, the following people stayed until the end to pick up controls: Mark Blair, Penny and Harold DeMoss, Nick Corsano, Alak Ghosh, Tony Pinkham, and Peter Graube, who jumped up to help out when Harold got bad leg cramps.

If I have forgotten anyone, I deeply apologize. If you weren't able to help, consider volunteering at another event. As a first-time event director, I was amazed at how many people it takes to put on an event and how well it works when people pitch in.

Final thanks to George Minarik for fine courses. He was a bit disoriented after the race (come to think of it he hasn't quite snapped out of it), but this is surely the case with course setters who put in hours of checking, hanging controls, double checking, etc. etc.

Final note: There are lots and lots of wonderful people in the club. Lucky us!


Joaquin Miller

Oakland, CA
Sunday, July 17, 2005

  Pl  Name(s)                                Time

White Course    (2.6 km, 105 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  Christine Johnson                      41:03
   2  Jeff Dickert                           41:09
   3  Alexali Brubaker                       46:12
   4  Steven Mandeleng, Allyson Rottman      48:00
   5  Kina Kunz                              52:14
   6  Janice Ballard, Janet Stein            55:00
   7  David & Theresa Gang                   58:10
   8  Tavor & Carmel Baharav               1:00:00
   9  Arnon, Angelica, Yifat, & Libby Amir 1:06:08
  10  Jan Crago, Jan Wolfe                 1:14:10
  11  Kimi, Richard, Anthony, & Euka Hill  1:23:15
  12  Aaron & Theodora Buchanan,
        Kirsten Gong-Wong                  1:30:12
  13  Natasha & Julia Doubson, Masha K.    2:09:55
  14  Kyril Doubson                        2:31:33

Yellow Course   (2.5 km, 110 m climb, 7 controls)

   1  Daniel Kopisch                         45:06
   2  Jeff Dickert                           48:43
   3  Kevin Harrington, Denise Ebright       56:48
   4  Beth Dameron                         1:00:05
   5  Boyd Potts                           1:07:10
   6  Jukka Karras                         1:09:13
   7  Kassy, John, & Jack Batcheller       1:13:10
   8  Deron, Nicholas & Alexander van Hoff,
        Julie, Thomas & Erin Bryant        1:13:51
   9  Judy Koehler, Nancy Thomas           1:17:08
  10  Christine Johnson                    1:17:55
  11  Ramana & Lakshmi Yereni              1:21:28
  12  Mike McDonald, Erik & Gary Andersen  1:39:12
  13  Chi Hoang & Dorothy Huang            1:43:17
  14  Mark, Anna, Leslie, & Lucas Irwin    1:46:21
  15  Sharon Tyler, Rebecca Heverly        1:54:46
  16  David Springer                       2:04:17
  17  Team Mel                             2:18:20
  18  Angela Buchner, Nicole Heynneman     2:27:12
  19  Jimmy & Mai Chung                    2:46:21

      Galina Shakhnovsky                       DNF
      Audrey & Robin Leadbetter, Joanne Davis  DNF
      George & Pat Aster                       DNF
      Evan Dowey, Sam Smith                    DNF
      Quess Liu                                DNF
      Jared Malin, Jake Gonzoles               DNF
      Gary Chin, Angel Ng                      DNF

Orange Course   (3.5 km, 240 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Marie-Josee Parayre                    55:49
   2  Frank Markowitz                      1:12:09
   3  Igor Ruderman, Michael Gomez         1:16:04
   4  Arnon Amir                           1:20:41
   5  Erin Magers                          1:25:10
   6  Vicki Woolworth, Barbara Kreiss      1:39:49
   7  Rick Boyer                           1:44:08
   8  Web Jordan                           1:45:10
   9  John & Gloria Wallace                2:14:42

      Ellie Li, Michael Chan                 DNF
      Janet Stein                            DNF
      Jacque Preble                          DNF

Brown Course    (3.3 km, 210 m climb, 14 controls)

   1  Dennis Wildfogel                       51:02
   2  Zachi Baharav                          59:02
   3  Alak Ghosh                           1:23:09
   4  Chris Buchner, Justin Anderson       1:25:41
   5  John Turner                          1:27:11
   6  Jeff Lanam                           1:45:34
   7  Philippe Tapon                       1:50:16
   8  Oleg Shakhnovsky                     1:55:44
   9  Katherine Baylor                     2:17:31
  10  Nancy Lindeman                       2:18:23
  11  Dean French                          2:22:25
  12  Jim Fish                             2:24:21
  13  Becky Redfield, Teguh Subiantoro     2:28:44
  14  Hongche & Gus Liu                    2:29:21

      Irina Zaks                             DNF
      Rosemary Johnson                       DNF

Green Course    (4.1 km, 340 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  James Wilson                         1:00:58
   2  Gary Carpenter                       1:13:02
   3  Evan Custer                          1:19:10
   4  Michael Behrens                      1:19:42
   5  Tony Pinkham                         1:21:06
   6  Manfred Kopisch                      1:23:58
   7  Theo Verhoeven                       1:28:59
   8  Francois Leonard                     1:34:04
   9  Bill Wright                          1:44:04
  10  Jay Hann                             1:46:23
  11  Jackie Wong                          1:47:12
  12  Chad Davis                           1:51:07
  13  Harold DeMoss                        1:51:46
  14  Luc Poppe                            2:00:23
  15  Mike Fleishman                       2:09:29
  16  Nick Corsano                         2:14:20
  17  Joe Saba                             2:17:00
  18  Wayne Riddle                         2:18:15
  19  Mark Rice                            2:19:50
  20  Phillip Hoare                        3:17:00
  21  Frederick Lee                        3:29:13

      Todd Paulsen                           DNF
      Bob Strauss                            DNF

Red Course      (5.8 km, 420 m climb, 19 controls)

   1  Martin Kunz                          1:06:12
   2  Tapio Karras                         1:31:07
   3  Bruce Wolfe                          1:37:06
   4  Dan Dwyer                            1:58:37
   5  Werner Haag                          2:03:48
   6  Rod Jaehn                            2:13:39
   7  Peter Graube                         2:24:51
   8  Mark Blair                           2:31:08
   9  Brian Hart                           2:32:53
  10  Bill Papendick                       2:37:50
  11  Fyodor Konkov                        2:54:15

      Maja Kunz                              DNF
      Alex Saltman                           DNF
      Tomer Maymon                           DNF
      Patrick Kunz                           DNF

Blue Course     (7.4 km, 645 m climb, 22 controls)

   1  Sergey Grushin                       1:32:31
   2  Mikkel Conradi                       1:35:02
   3  Syd Reader                           1:43:27
   4  Mutsumi Sugizaki                     2:12:53
   5  Nik Weber                            2:20:30
   6  Penny DeMoss                         2:27:40
   7  Gregory Khanlarov                    2:31:16
   8  Russell Neilson                      2:32:13

      Andrejus Masalkovas                    DSQ
      Lennard Hachmann, Regina Langit        DNF
      Hanna Falk                             DNF
      Vladimir Gusiatnikov                   DNF
      Mattias Vangbo                         DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
DSQ = Disqualified