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Dimond Park

Date: (Sun.) Jul. 31, 2005
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setter: Rex Winterbottom
Type: Short and Long courses, and "Urban Goat" combination

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Event Write-Up

By Rex Winterbottom

Palatable running conditions greeted the orienteers on a fine, sunny Sunday morning that wasn't too hot. Our intrepid urban adventurers tromped back with reports of interesting route choices, magnificent views, and lovely neighborhoods and houses. As advertised, the only tricky spots for traffic were Park Blvd. and Oakland Ave. I think the advantages this map has over the Twin Peaks map are less thoroughfares and a much lower housing density, cutting down on the amount of street traffic.

The Short Course provided a good time out — value for the time and money you put into it, that is — and an interesting challenge of picking an efficient route to 8 controls (leaving 1 be) in the neighborhood twixt Lakeshore Ave. and Crocker Highlands Elementary school. Picking a route to and from that zone and the first and last controls also provided an interesting challenge. In a tight cluster, Lauren Knight, Ron & Niv Davidson, and Vicki Woolworth finished 1-2-3.

Thorsten Graeve (the winner of the Urban Goat) said this (paraphrased) about the Long Course (the second half of the goat): "I had to keep thinking and reading the map the whole way." How's that for "easy" urban street orienteering? The hills of Oakland and Piedmont are ribboned with snaking streets and the staircases and footpaths provide shortcuts to consider. Stalwart orienteer Evan Custer claimed top prize on the Long Course, followed by Luc Poppe and the formidable trio of Patricia Ross, Alex Brubaker, and Daniel Lillin.

Bringing us to the Urban Goat. I love crazy mass starts. We started all kinds of people together, not just the Urban Goaters, so there was plenty of company to be had in the 9 control pick 8 of 'em maze of the Short Course. Nonetheless, reports from the field indicated that people went all kinds of different ways to the first control! I guess the Short Course was just that tricky.

I had the Event Director's privilege of manning the manned water-stop control while James Wilson held down the fort and we kept in touch with our bat phones. Cell phones work quite well in urban areas. The wily Thorsten Graeve cruised by that very last control on the Short Course with fine composure. About 30 seconds after him hurried the cunning Vladimir Gusiatnikov — he would be hot on Thorsten's tail the rest of the way, and Thorsten and Vlad would finish 1-2. Seconds later at the water stop brought me Mikkel Conradi (eventual 3rd place), Mattias Eriksson, and Theo Verhoeven, all having shredded the Short Course. The smaller separations in time between the competitors here became more amplified by the time they all finished the goat — quite a long haul, but not quite holding a candle to the last Golden Goat at Tamarancho.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your cheery faces upon return and rabid discussions with the maps brought joy to the director. And the "on the fly" help was great — Jim Fish, James Wilson, Brad Wetmore, and Vicki Woolworth provided extensive support throughout the event. Jim, Vicki, and Mattias Eriksson earned special commendations for "connecting all the dots" (control circles) on the maps. Thanks also to Thorsten Graeve, Mark Blair, and Fyodor Konkov for various sundry helpments.

And remember, this is a permanent course, so you are welcome and urged by me to go to Dimond Park and run it yourself — email me or call me and I can tell you where to get to the stash of maps (, answer sheets (, and Course Setter's Notes (or check the BAOC email group posts). Alternatively, you can print any of the above by following the links. Bring your own water and a pencil or pen. Check your answers with the answer sheet (

Thanks to all these people:

Setup: Jim Fish
Drawing lines connecting controls on all the maps: Jim Fish, Mattias Eriksson, Vicki Woolworth
Registration: James Wilson
Starts: Brad Wetmore, James Wilson
Finishes: James Wilson
Manning the Water Control: Vicki Woolworth, Thorsten Graeve, Mark Blair
Replacing a punch on a control bag: Mikkel Conradi
Packup: Mark Blair, Fyodor Konkov


Dimond Park

Oakland, CA
Sunday, July 31, 2005

  Pl  Name(s)                            Time

Short Course   (~4.8 km, ~100 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Lauren Knight                      49:15
   2  Ron & Niv Davidson                 49:35
   3  Vicki Woolworth                    51:10
   4  Fyodor Konkov                      53:38
   5  Alan Kren                          64:09
   6  Christie Johnson                   73:56
   7  Philippe Tapon                     74:37
   8  Ken & Jacque Preble                82:45
   9  Judy Koehler                       84:53
  10  Geoffrey Sears                     88:38
  11  Nancy Lindeman                     90:45
  12  Robin Patin, Beth Dameron         113:25

      Yuko Ito                            MSP
      Kyril Doubson                       DNF
      Julia & Natasha Doubson,
        Masha Konkov                      DNF

  Second Course

      Joe Maffei, Marina Keating         48:40

Short Course - Bike Division

   1  John Kelly                         34:34

Long Course    (~7.3 km, ~250 m climb, 8 controls)

   1  Evan Custer                        75:03
   2  Luc Poppe                          79:00
   3  Patricia Ross, Alex Brubaker,
        Daniel Lillin                    94:48
   4  Marina Keating                     95:57
   5  Kevin Harrington, Denise Ebright   98:09
   6  Steven Mandelberg                 126:19

Long Course - Bike Division

   1  Joe Maffei                         59:53

Urban Goat     (~12 km, ~320 m climb, 18 controls)

   1  Thorsten Graeve                    76:50
   2  Vladimir Gusiatnikov               77:27
   3  Mikkel Conradi                     82:41
   4  Mattias Eriksson                   86:10
   5  Theo Verhoeven                     93:51
   6  Andrejus Masalkovas                98:04
   7  Tony Pinkham                      112:41
   8  Brad Wetmore                      116:35
   9  Grant Olecko                      116:40
  10  Mark Blair                        117:52
  11  Alak Ghosh                        129:57
  12  Jim Fish                          225:48

      Joanne Olecko                       DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)