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2016 BAOC Training Events

Hi all Juniors and Parents,

I would like to pick up where we left off last year about having Junior gatherings at local meets. The basic format will be like last year.

Arrive 10 AM and sign up for your course
10:15–10:45: Physical warm-up and skills practice for all levels
10:45: Run course
11:45 (or as Juniors finish): Course review

Looking at the current BAOC Schedule, mark down these dates:

January 31, Presidio
February 7, Sunol
February 21, Lake Harmon
February 27, Cal Berkeley
March 12, Oyster Bay
May 7, Indian Valley

If you are interested in participating in this program, please email .

At the Presidio meet, I would like to have a meeting with parents and Juniors to talk about sending a team to the Interscholastic Championships (

More details to come soon. Looking forward to a fun year!

(Posted to the BAOC Training List ( on January 6, 2016)

2015 BAOC Training Events

We plan to have Orienteering Skills Training for Juniors at the events listed below. On days when there is not a regular BAOC event, adults are welcome. Those events will cost $10 per adult and $5 per junior. (Training activities might occur at other events. Subscribe to the BayONet ( and the BAOC_Juniors ( mailing lists to get the latest information.)

2015 OUSA Training Events

The current list of training camps for the Junior National Team (JNT) is below (most camps are open to other juniors as well). There are two kinds of camps: primary and secondary. The primary camps are the National Training Camps and supplementary Canadian camps on the list. All the other camps are secondary. The list of secondary camps may continue to grow.

Each JNT athlete is supposed to attend two camps. JNT members should attend two primary camps, or one primary and one secondary. If that's not possible, please let know as soon as possible.

For any questions please ask or . For the Canadian camps, email , and he will put you in touch with the organizers. Thanks​—​go USA!!

Previous Events

2012–2013 BAOC COOL Season Training Events

We plan to have Orienteering Skills Training for Juniors at all 2012–2013 COOL events. Topics will be announced on the event announcement pages, on the BAOC_Juniors ( mailing list (see information here), and on the BayONet ( mailing list (see information here).

Clinic: "Techniques for approaching a control, punching quickly, and leaving quickly in the right direction"

Possible Topics:


September 27 – Junior Orienteering Day Camp 2009 – Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve, Palo Alto, CA


September 13 – Junior Orienteering Day Camp 2008 – Knowland Park, Oakland, CA


July 20-August 13 – TheWaterStop Summer Trip 2007 ( – Denver - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - Yellowstone - Colorado

July 23-26 – COC 2007 ( – Sass Peepre Junior Training Camp, Saskatoon , Saskatchewan, Canada

July 27-29 – HVO Junior Training ( – Hudson Valley Orienteering, Harriman State Park, New York


September 30 – Education Through Adventure camp – Harriman State Park, NY