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Course Setting For BAOC COOL Meets

Setting a course involves the following steps:

For the courses at BAOC COOL meets, we like to use the British specifications for Technical Difficulty (TD), and follow their course guidelines:

Course 1 – TD1
Course 2 – TD2
Course 3 – TD3
Course 4 – TD4, or TD5 if the terrain permits

Here are links to the articles that you should read before setting one of these courses:

      TD1 (PDF/596KB) (   TD2 (PDF/784KB) (   TD3 (PDF/608KB) (   TD4 (PDF/816KB) (   TD5 (PDF/540KB) (   Sprints (PDF/2.9MB) (

Start with the TD1 course (our Course 1), read the article, plan a course, then talk to the BAOC COOL . Then, if you're ready for more, move to the next level...