BAOC COOL 2007–2008 Meet #8

Bayfront Park

Menlo Park, CA
Saturday, February 9, 2008

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Event Write-Up


This eighth and championship meet of the BAOC COOL season was held on a cool clear Saturday—perfect for Orienteering.

Twenty-six students attended this meet, including nine brand new to the league. Last meet I opined that the Elementary Boys would be the race to watch. I was wrong—it was the Elementary Girls! We again had eight students break the ten-minute pace mark: four instead of two elementary girls, and only one elementary boy. Very fast!

GHJDS took the honors for elementary schools, with nearly 700 points, the second highest school score in the league, and done with only two students—a well deserved honor! Berkeley Arts Magnet and Laurel-Encinal earned second and third place, respectively.

The Elementary Girls were the race of the whole meet. The first three places were all within seventeen seconds of each other. Julia Doubson, the winner, had the most first-place legs, six, but after the first control she was in fourth place! In this race, being only two seconds out of first place dropped her back three places! At this point Johanna Karras and Annie Samuelson were tied for first, and Masha Konkov was in second by one second. At control 2 Johanna had dropped to second place, but only by one second! Masha lost three seconds to stay in third, and Julia lost two seconds to tie with Masha at third place. At control 3 the standings were the same, except for Masha who lost another two seconds and dropped to fourth place. At control 4 Julia seemed to have found her groove and rocketed to first place, to remain there for the last nine legs. Johanna almost caught up on legs 10 and 11, where she was only three seconds behind, but finished second at nine seconds out, with four first-place legs. Annie had five first-place legs, but dropped eighteen seconds on leg 4 and never made it back, finishing third at seventeen seconds out. And by the way, Annie, who started the season with a twenty-six minute pace, has been improving all season and is now with the other stars at a sub-ten-minute pace! According to WinSplits, all three had clean runs with no appreciable errors! Hannah Kopisch had one first-place leg and finished in fourth place, but with a smoking 9:25 pace! Only in the COOL Elementary Girls can you break a ten-minute pace and end up in fourth place! (Even at WIOL, our neighbors to the north and the most powerfull league in the nation, only three of twenty-seven Varsity Boys broke a ten-minute pace at their Championships.) Emily Hann took fifth place with two third-place legs, and Masha Konkov rounded out the field in sixth place with a second-place leg and two third-place legs. Masha was only forty-four seconds out at control 6, but then had an error on leg 7, followed by three ten-minute errors on legs 8, 9, and 10. All the girls did a wonderful job this year!

Gavin Williams again took the honors for Elementary Boys, taking the lead at the first control and keeping it the whole course (except for leg 3) with six first-place legs and a blistering 9:11 pace. This makes six first-place finishes for Gavin. Way to go! David Harrison started in fourth place after an error on the first control, but worked hard and by leg 7 had moved up to second place where he stayed to the end. David ran five first-place legs. Rory Maclean had only one first-place leg, but had very few errors, so placed a solid third. Loren Meigs ran the first three legs with second-place timings for each leg. This earned Loren first place at control 3, but then a three-minute mistake on control 4 pushed him all the way back to fourth place, out of which even the first-place leg 6 couldn't pull him. Rookie Davy Williams ran consistent legs, but one fifteen- and two seven-minute errors kept him in sixth place.

Hillview was the first-place middle school with 742 points, the highest in the league, followed by Kensington Hilltop and Castillero.

For the Middle School Girls, Bronwyn Caplinger again topped the field of one, but her pace dropped from 44 minutes down to 16 minutes, a huge improvement. Watch out for this one next year!

The Middle School Boys again featured the dynamic duo of Daniel Kopisch and Philipp Kopisch, who took first and second place, respectively, with amazing sub-seven-minute paces. To put this in perspective, the best middle school student in the nation ran day 1 of the IS Champs with a pace of 13.6, about twice the pace! It makes the wonderful performance of William Morris with a pace of 10:12 look unfairly slow. But William, compare your pace to the best in the nation, and you should be rightly proud of your third place behind these speed demons!

We had our first JV Girls ever at this meet. Part of the contingent from Eureka High filled our last empty slot in our league. Anna Higgins started last, but finished first. Anna had five first-place legs. She was a bit slow at control 1, but by control 3 she had taken over first place and held it to the end. On the course, second-place Janette Monfils caught up to third-place Jackie Banuelos, and stayed with her to the end. Anna passed them on the way to control 3, but then had a slow leg on control 5 and the other two caught up, and the three raced neck and neck trough the remainder of the course.

Three Eureka High JV Boys joined second-timer Jimmy Chung, and left Jimmy in the dust. Winner Joshua Cyphers ran only two first-place legs, but his secret was that none of his errors were over two and a half minutes long. Second-place Tyler Potter ran seven first-place legs, but had an eleven-minute error on control 7, which dragged him from first place by four minutes to second place behind by four minutes. Tyler did some good running and made up some time, but was still out of first by 2 minutes at the finish. Third-place Zach Kortus was in first place at control 1, but a couple of fourteen-minute errors pulled him all the way back to fourth place. Hard work and a couple more first-place legs pulled Zach back to third place by the finish. Jimmy Chung ran one second-place and three third-place legs, but a string of errors beginning at control 3 gave Jimmy more time to enjoy the course. Still, not bad for the second time out!

The last three Eureka High students joined veteran winner Cameron Ferguson in the Varsity Boys class. Yes, that made nine students from Eureka High! Wow! Cameron, however, dominated the whole course, giving up only two first-place legs to third-place James Sketchley (leg 8 by seven seconds and leg 14 by sixteen seconds), and tieing leg 12 with James as well. Cameron's longest leg was only 2:37 and set a pace under seven minutes, like the Kopisch brothers. Smokin! Second-place Daniel Russell and third-place James Sketchley may look slow in comparison to Cameron, but you need to check out their paces: eleven and twelve minutes, respectively! That's fast! And that course was the hardest Bayfront could provide. Scott Holdridge was headed for a close fourth-place finish, but he punched the wrong control 12, for a MSP. All in all, amazing performances from all the Eureka High students! Thanks for coming!

A big thanks to all who helped with the meet!

Maps: Bob Cooley
Course Setting: Manfred Kopisch
Registration: Ev and Jean Beuerman
Control Pickup: Steve Gregg, Jim Fish, Matthew Mattson
Setup: Jim Fish
E-punch: Cameron Ferguson, Toby Ferguson

Results By Class

WinSplits (

  Pl  Name                 Points     min/km       Time

Elementary Girls    (Course 1 – 1.3 km, 22 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Julia Doubson        100.0       08:24       10:55
   2  Johanna Karras        98.6       08:31       11:04
   3  Annie Samuelson       97.5       08:37       11:12
   4  Hannah Kopisch        89.2       09:25       12:14
   5  Emily Hann            58.3       14:25       18:44
   6  Masha Konkov          21.8       38:31       50:04

Elementary Boys     (Course 1 – 1.3 km, 22 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Gavin Williams       100.0       09:11       11:56
   2  David Harrison        78.5       11:42       15:12
   3  Rory Maclean          69.3       13:15       17:13
   4  Loren Meigs           56.6       16:13       21:05
   5  Davy Williams         19.8       46:28     1:00:24

Middle School Girls (Course 2 – 1.9 km, 41 m climb, 7 controls)

   1  Bronwyn Caplinger    100.0       16:11       30:44

Middle School Boys  (Course 2 – 1.9 km, 41 m climb, 7 controls)

   1  Daniel Kopisch       100.0       06:01       11:25
   2  Philipp Kopisch       93.3       06:26       12:14
   3  William Morris        59.0       10:12       19:22

JV Girls            (Course 3 – 2.5 km, 66 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Anna Higgins         100.0       45:35     1:53:57
   2  Janette Monfils       98.3       46:22     1:55:56
   3  Jackie Banuelos       96.7       47:09     1:57:53

JV Boys             (Course 3 – 2.5 km, 66 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Joshua Cyphers       100.0       18:50       47:05
   2  Tyler Potter          95.7       19:41       49:13
   3  Zach Kortus           71.1       26:29     1:06:12
   4  Jimmy Chung           58.2       32:22     1:20:56

Varsity Boys        (Course 4 – 3.7 km, 74 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  Cameron Ferguson     100.0       06:45       25:00
   2  Daniel Russell        61.9       10:55       40:24
   3  James Sketchley       54.9       12:19       45:34

      Scott Holdridge                               MSP


MSP = Mispunch (punched one or more incorrect controls)