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Where Can I Get Equipment?

O-Specific Equipment

These companies offer a wide range of orienteering supplies, including compasses, O' suits, gaiters, awards, books, teaching materials, videotapes, and computer simulations. (BAOC does not endorse any specific vendor or service.)

The Orienteering USA website (http://orienteeringusa.org/home/vendors/) has a long list of these and other sources.

SPORTident E-sticks (and related equipment) can be ordered from their website (https://www.sportident.com) (i.e., for shipment from Europe). (You can select your desired E-stick serial number and colors that way.) [Ed. note: I've done it. It works!]

Also see our vendors page.

(Please tell if you have a favorite vendor that we should mention here.)


One equipment topic that gets a lot of attention is shoes. Here are comments from a long-time BAOC member:

We used to buy shoes specifically made for orienteering, but since they are mostly sold overseas [and by the companies listed above], they aren't that easy to find. You certainly can't go to a local shoe store to buy them, or try them on for size.
But for the last few years, we have discovered that the Salomon Speedcross, although not marketed as such, work just fine for orienteering. I've seen many club members wearing them over the course of the last few years. In my mind, the best thing about them is they are readily available at many local shoe stores. I try to get mine at REI when they go on sale.
Lastly, if you are looking for shoes with metal spikes, Salomon also makes a shoe called the Spikecross, which is exactly the same shoe as the Speedcross, but with spikes. I've never seen these sold in stores, but you can get them on Amazon. I've done that twice without any issues, as the sizing is exactly the same as the Speedcross.

Other Stuff

If you go off-trail and are sensitive to poison oak, Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser can reduce your poison oak reaction by 95 percent (i.e., if you wash with it soon after exposure). BAOC members swear by it. Available at local drugstores and through O' suppliers. (Other "poison oak" products are described on this page.)
All kinds of compasses, plus useful info on using them, figuring declination (which is not required for orienteering), etc.
Very good ankle brace, popular among BAOC orienteers.
Excellent outdoors store; becoming a member of this co-op gets you annual rebates on your purchases.