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Where Can I Get Equipment?

O-Specific Equipment

These companies offer a wide range of orienteering supplies, including compasses, O' suits, gaiters, awards, books, teaching materials, videotapes, and computer simulations.

Local, offers discounts to BAOC members.
Based in Missouri. Phone 214-872-3165. A favorite of BAOC members.
Based in Massachusetts. Phone 617-868-7416.
Based in Illinois. Toll free: 866-424-8377.

The Orienteering USA website (http://www.us.orienteering.org/orienteers/o-vendors) has a long list of these and other sources.

Other Stuff

If you go off-trail and are sensitive to poison oak, Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser can reduce your poison oak reaction by 95 percent (i.e., if you wash with it soon after exposure). BAOC members swear by it. Available at local drugstores and through O' suppliers.
All kinds of compasses, plus useful info on using them, figuring declination (which is not required for orienteering), etc.
Very good ankle brace, popular among BAOC orienteers.
Excellent outdoors store; becoming a member of this co-op gets you annual rebates on your purchases.