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What If It Rains, Snows, ...?

Orienteering events are held regardless of the weather!

A little inclement weather increases the fun; a lot of inclement weather makes the event "memorable".

Seriously, it is very rare for an event to be canceled on the day of the event.¹ Generally, that happens only when the park administration decides to revoke our use permit because of extreme conditions.²

If an event does happen to be canceled, it will be noted on the event webpage as soon as possible, and notice will be posted to the BayONet (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baoc/). If you have any doubt, you can call the Event Director.


¹ It's rare, but an event can be canceled days/weeks before the day of the event if the park permit is not approved, or if the Event Director or Course Setter becomes unavailable (e.g., due to injury or illness).

² We were prevented from holding a Briones event in Oct. 2003, because of concern about fire hazard. The Calero event in Nov. 2003 was canceled because the rangers closed the park on the morning of the event due to heavy rains from a big storm the night before. (Note the irony of fire hazard and excessive rain in consecutive months!) In both cases, we were prepared to continue with the events.