Sean Cody finishing the Bear Valley Ski-O in 2001

Bylaws Revisions Being Considered in April 2008

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, April 13, at 1:30 at Sunol, we will be voting on revisions to the club bylaws. There is a PDF file¹ available that contains a chart showing the changes being proposed.

Down the center column is the full text of the bylaws with the proposed revisions. The left-hand column has the corresponding sections of the current bylaws, and the right-hand column has remarks about the changes.

The current bylaws have worked well, but there was room for improvement. I want to point out the major changes that are being proposed.

  1. As many of you know, the club is in the process of incorporating, and applying for a change in our tax-exempt status. The purposes of the club (Article 2) were modified to align better with the documents required for those steps.
  2. We want to allow for the possibility of converting from the current Bulletin to all-electronic communication some day, so we modified various places where we are required to give notice to club members, for example, announcement of the annual meeting.
  3. For the past three years, the club has made use of a nominating committee to recommend people for election as officers. This has worked very well, and we decided to give the committee official standing in the bylaws.
  4. We did some reorganization of sections to provide a more logical flow to the bylaws and to eliminate redundancy.

The Bylaws Review Committee, chaired by Kelly Wells, did a thorough job. The Board of Directors made additional modifications, and then voted to approve the revised bylaws. The final step is approval by the membership at the AGM. If you have any comments or questions about the bylaws, feel free to email , or bring them up on Sunday.

BAOC President


¹ The PDF file can be viewed with the free Adobe Reader ( program.