BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Mar. 15, 2022
Location: Video Conference
Event Directors: - 925.516.7622, - 650.906.9672
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors; 8:00–10:00 PM; all club members are welcome

Minutes of the BAOC Board Meeting held March 15, 2022

Present: Officers – Marie-Josée Parayre (President), Stephanie Maclean (Vice President), Jeff Goodwin (Event Coordinator), Nick Corsano (Secretary), Sharon Evans (Treasurer); Board members – Dan Greene, Steve Haas, Jeff Lanam, Dennis Wildfogel; Visitors – Gary Kraght, Graham Brew, Tapio Karras, Bob Cooley, George Minarik.

The meeting was held via Zoom. It was called to order by the President at 8:06 PM.

President’s Report – Marie-Josée Parayre

The President expressed gratitude toward the volunteers who have put on events, including the NJROTC National Championships, attended by about 550 cadets.
The search continues for a new Mapping Director. A committee met in January to get a clearer picture of the duties Bob Cooley has been performing (see below).
The club still needs a new Equipment Director.
The Cal-O-Fest steering committee has been meeting twice a month, and met with the Presidents of Orienteering USA and Orienteering Canada. The top issue is selection of dates in 2023. Dates in June and July are being considered.

Secretary’s Report – Nick Corsano

Minutes of the December 2 Board meeting were approved as presented.
There were three email votes taken since the previous Board meeting: the first at the end of December to authorize spending at 2021 levels through 1/31/22; the second at the end of January to authorize it through 2/28/22; the third at the end of February to authorize it through 3/31/22.

Event Coordinator’s Report – Jeff Goodwin

Upcoming events at Point Pinole and Tamarancho are awaiting final approval. A Summer Series is taking shape, and the fall schedule looks good as well. It was pointed out that events in the week of May 11–17 qualify as World Orienteering Day events.

Nominating Committee – Steve Haas

Steve chaired the committee, which included Rex Winterbottom and Dennis Wildfogel. He presented the following slate: Marie-Josée Parayre (President), Stephanie Maclean (Vice President), Graham Brew (Event Coordinator), Nick Corsano (Secretary), Gary Kraght (Treasurer). It was moved, seconded, and passed that the Board recommend these nominees for election by the membership.

Bylaws Amendment – Nick Corsano

Nick moved that the Board recommend the following bylaws amendment for approval by the membership: Amend Article 6, Section 1.2 by striking “Event Coordinator” and inserting “Vice President”. This section requires that “The President and Event Coordinator shall be members in good standing of the United States Orienteering Federation”. Since the VP and not the EC is now next in line to the President, it makes sense for the requirements on the President also apply to the Vice President. The motion was seconded and passed.

Mapping – Dennis Wildfogel

An ad-hoc committee met in January to get a handle on the tasks Bob Cooley has been performing as Mapping Director. They identified five categories:
1. Map development
2. Map maintenance
3. Map filing
4. Software management
5. Map printing

Treasurer’s Report and 2022 Budget – Sharon Evans

The club closed 2021 with a balance of $135K; currently it is about $138K. There is a potential liability of $120K if all Cal-O-Fest entries need to be refunded, and we also have a $24K loan from Orienteering USA for COF. Gary Kraght is investigating online accounting services, and has identified two possible services.
The Finance Committee prepared a 2022 budget showing (excluding COF) income of $33K and expenses of $50K, and therefore a net loss of $17K for the year. In view of the potential liability faced by the club, the budget was first amended to zero out the amount for Junior training grants, and further on the advice of the involved Board members, expenses for equipment, mapping, and contracted E-punch services were reduced. With these changes, the projected loss, excluding Cal-O-Fest income and expenses, was reduced to $3400. The amended budget was passed.

The date of the next Board meeting will be decided via email.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Nick Corsano
BAOC Secretary