BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Thu.) Sep. 9, 2021
Location: Video Conference
Event Directors: - 925.516.7622, - 650.906.9672
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors; 8:00–10:00 PM; all club members are welcome

Minutes of the BAOC Board Meeting held September 9, 2021

Present: Officers – Marie-Josée Parayre (President), Stephanie Maclean (Vice President), Jeff Goodwin (Event Coordinator), Nick Corsano (Secretary), Sharon Evans (Treasurer); Board members – Bob Cooley, Dan Greene, Steve Haas, Jitka Hiscox, Daniel Ingram, Jeff Lanam, Dennis Wildfogel; Visitors – Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Tapio Karras, Derek Maclean, John Richardson, Chuck Spalding, Vicki Woolworth, Bob Bruns, Sarah Williams.

The meeting was held via Zoom. It was called to order by the President at 8:03 PM.

President’s Report – Marie-Josée Parayre

The President thanked the committee and volunteers responsible for putting on Tahoe 2021. She observed that the wildfire situation got worse after our events. This was a useful experience to prepare for CalOFest.
There are several important positions to be filled:
  • Insurance Coordinator
  • Mapping Director: Bob Cooley has done this job for 37 years; he will continue to do our map printing for the rest of the year. The President would like to form a committee to look into how the club should handle the numerous mapping-related duties going forward.
  • Equipment director: Jay Hann is stepping away for medical reasons.
  • Treasurer: This will be Sharon Evans’ last year in the office.

Secretary’s Report – Nick Corsano

Minutes of the June 23 board meeting were approved as presented.
An email discussion resulted in consensus to allow NAV-X to use the Huddart map for a GPS event following our November 7 event.

Treasurer’s Report – Sharon Evans

The club has about $102K in the bank, $43K in PayPal. An overview of the expenses for Tahoe 2021 was presented. The club owes Orienteering USA $8750 in sanctioning fees. Additional mapping expenses were incurred.
The IRS notified BAOC that it would be fined $2400 for a late filing, but the Treasurer produced proof that the filing was on time, and the IRS has confirmed that the club is not liable.
It was moved and seconded to amend the 2021 budget to account for the additional mapping expenses. The motion passed. The forecasted loss for the fiscal year is now about $17K.
Regarding the Juniors budget, Daniel Ingram is considering taking Juniors to an east coast National Ranking Event in the fall.

Event Coordinator’s Report – Jeff Goodwin

We are being more successful in obtaining permits. Tamarancho, St Mary’s, and Shell Ridge are on (the latter two were cancelled last year); Huddart and Bon Tempe are likely.

Tahoe 2021 – Gavin Wyatt-Mair

The Middle and Long events drew the most participants; the Rogaine generated the most revenue. Not using buses saved a lot of money. Issues were:
  • Permits: Most were received the day before the event. Every one required last-minute changes.
  • Smoke and fire: We were fortunate to be able to hold all the events. The threat of wildfires impacts the dates for 2023.
  • People who stayed away because of the smoke are not being reimbursed.
A follow-up survey regarding COVID showed a very positive response to our procedures. Only one of the 198 respondents tested positive for the virus in the two weeks following the event. Over 96% of the respondents said they had been vaccinated.

Western Race Services Agreement – Marie-Josée Parayre

Discussion deferred due to Jay Hann’s situation.

NAV-X Relationship – Marie-Josée Parayre

The need for streamlined communication between the two entities was emphasized. Vicki Woolworth indicated that either she or Bill Cusworth should be the point of contact within NAV-X; for BAOC, it should be the Event Coordinating Committee.

Directors’ Reports

Jeff Lanam and Daniel Ingram are working on the 2022 NJROTC Championship event to be held at Joe Grant. Jeff will need a lot of help with E-punch.

Next Meeting

The next board meeting was set for Thursday, December 2, from 8–10 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Nick Corsano
BAOC Secretary