BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Jun. 10, 2014
Location: Foster City, CA
Event Directors: - 408.313.3753, - 510.407.1876
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors—7:00-10:00 PM; free pizza and salad will be available at 6:30—All club members and other interested people are welcome

Minutes of the BAOC Board Meeting held June 10, 2014

Present: George Minarik, Nick Corsano, Steve Haas, Jeff Lanam (President), Sharon Evans (Treasurer), Nancy Lindeman, Jay Hann, Bob Cooley, Scott Aster, Rosemary Johnson, Stephen Granger-Bevan, Vicki Woolworth (Secretary), and Dan Greene.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at the Foster City Recreation Center by President Jeff Lanam.

President’s Report – Jeff Lanam

Jeff welcomed Sharon Evans back to the BAOC Board as Treasurer. A very successful A-meet at Boggs Mountain was credited to the efforts of event director Dennis Wildfogel, course setters Bill and Heidi Cusworth, and Nick Corsano and many other volunteers. As announced at the AGM, the club is considering hosting the 2016 North American Championships (NAC) if a volunteer comes forward to take charge. Jeff also congratulated Matej Šebo on being named an alternate to the U.S. Senior Team in addition to being on the Junior Team.

Treasurer’s Report – Sharon Evans

Sharon is working on taking over the job and learning the system of classifying expenses. She reviewed this year’s meet expenses, which included higher permit fees. Though, with lower than budgeted mapping expenses, the club’s finances are still healthy.

Online Votes/Approval of Minutes – Vicki Woolworth

There were no email votes this quarter, and the minutes of the March 2014 meeting were approved by a vote of the Board.

Mapping Report – Bob Cooley

Bill Cusworth spent over 100 hours fixing the Boggs map, and Bob spent about the same amount of time mapping Shell Ridge and the adjacent Diablo Foothills area. Bob is looking for new places to map, and welcomes input. Among the ideas considered were finding alternatives to Wilder Ranch in the Santa Cruz area, and searching for areas in the Sierra Foothills, as well as looking into use of scout and other camps.

Event Coordinator Report – Rex Winterbottom, by email

(Summary here, full text posted to the BayONet.) Rex would like to see one primary event per month in 2015, with at least two events total per month. Event directors and course setters are encouraged to contact him as soon as possible to get their events scheduled. He also reviewed the orienteering highlights since March, and posted updates to the schedule for the rest of 2014.

A-meet Report

Gary Kraght was not present, but Jeff mentioned that Dennis Wildfogel had sent out a report on Boggs and that Calero will be in the fall. A team is being put together for an A-meet at Joe Grant in Spring 2015. Further discussion of NAC.

Junior Training Grant – Jay Hann

Jay was appointed Administrator of the Junior Grant Program by a vote of the Board. He presented a proposal and the Board voted to approve an amended version of the proposal that included an increase in the Junior Grant budget.

Aside – Bob Cooley

As far as Bob could tell, the Little Truckee Summit map was not visible in the Godzilla movie, though the studio did pay us a fee for the use of the map for that production.

New Uniforms – Jeff Lanam

A committee plans to convene soon to look into making a new club uniform order. There was also interest in making more club sweatshirts with the oak-tree/symbol-circle design; once the artwork is located Jeff will look into putting it up at CafePress so members can order sweatshirts and other items directly.

Training Day – Stephen Beven-Granger

Plans are in the works for setting up a training day sometime this summer, possibly at Vasona Park, with tentative workshops on E-punch and course setting.

Incorporation and 501(c)(3) Status – Jeff Lanam

No change, awaiting news from the IRS.

Directors’ Reports

Publicity – Nancy Lindeman
Nancy asked if BAOC could try to list more events on the preregistration page of the OUSA website. There is a fee involved, but the advantage would be convenience in registration for those who sign up in advance, as well as being able to see who is already signed up. She is considering doing this for the upcoming Tahoe meet.
Membership – Werner Haag
Werner Haag was not present, but online signups were also considered for memberships.
E-Punch – Rosemary Johnson
Rosemary has sent out another batch of controls for for battery replacement, refreshed computer cables and mice, and purchased a garden cart to carry battery and bins. Bob Cooley replaced the battery with a somewhat smaller one.
Outreach – Scott Aster
Nick Corsano again set up an orienteering course for the annual Girl Scout Skills Camporee at Huddart with help from Trinka Gillis, Vicki Woolworth, and Judy Cronin. Over 90 girls had a chance to try Score-O at this event.
Training – Stephen Granger-Bevan
Trainings have been held every Tuesday in Berkeley.

New Business – Jeff Lanam

The Board voted to make a $100 donation to Cobb Elementary School as a gesture of support for one of the communities we visit to orienteer. Jeff also encouraged club members to join parks organizations and attend open meetings on land use when possible to represent the interests of the orienteering community.
Reminder that the Annual General Meeting of Orienteering USA is in Colorado this year during the U.S. 2-day Classic Championships (August 8–10). Eligible BAOC members will represent the club.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 9th

Meeting adjourned at 9:31 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Vicki Woolworth
BAOC Secretary