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Minutes: 2014 BAOC Annual General Meeting

Sunday, April 13, 2014
University of California Campus, Berkeley, California

President Jeff Lanam called the meeting to order at 1:24 PM, and announced the slate of officers proposed by the Nominating Committee (headed by Trinka Gillis) and approved by the Board:

President – Jeff Lanam
Event Coordinator – Rex Winterbottom
Treasurer – Sharon Evans
Secretary – Vicki Woolworth

The floor was opened to other nominations.  As there were no contested offices, Jeff asked for a voice vote and the slate was approved.

President’s Report

Jeff gave an update on the 501(c)(3) approval status.  We have been approved as a California Corporation and our application for non-profit status has been accepted by the IRS. The next steps will be approval of this application by the IRS  (check cashed, confirmation sent, should hear in the next few months) and subsequent approval by the State of California.
There are two openings on the BAOC board: Juniors Director and Social Director. Volunteers, nominations, and suggestions for nominees are welcome.
Jeff thanked Joan Roos, George Minarik, and Ben Legg (map creator) for making today’s event possible.
A committee will be formed to look into a new uniform for the club, same color scheme but will look at other styles and fabrics from a variety of vendors.

Other Business

Gary Kraght announced that the 2016 North American Orienteering Championships are scheduled to be held in the U.S., and that he feels the club has the capability to hold this event providing an event director with a clear vision of how to run this is willing to step forward.  Gavin Wyatt-Mair expressed tentative interest. Anyone else who is interested is welcome to contact Gary.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:38 PM.

In Attendance

Jeff Lanam, Steve Haas, Vicki Woolworth, Gary Kraght, Werner Haag, Jay Hann, Evan Custer, Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Dennis Wildfogel, George Minarik, Eric Rosenzweig, Tapio Karras, François Léonard, Marie-Josée Parayre, Joan Roos, Sarah Williams, Janet Petersen, Greg Ehrensing, Cornelia Coolen-Vogt, Rex Winterbottom, Stephen Harrison, David Harrison, Deron van Hoff.

Thanks to Werner Haag for reviewing these minutes.

Respectfully submitted

Vicki Woolworth
BAOC Secretary