BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Mar. 5, 2013
Location: Foster City, CA
Event Directors: - 650.248.9595, - 510.407.1876
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors—7:00-10:00 PM; free pizza and salad will be available at 6:30—All club members are welcome

Approved minutes of the BAOC Board Meeting March 5, 2013

Present: Rex Winterbottom (Event Coordinator), Nancy Lindeman, Scott Aster, Nick Corsano, Trinka Gillis (President), Vicki Woolworth (Secretary), Rosemary Johnson, Gary Kraght, Erin Schirm, Tony Pinkham, Derek Maclean, Ben Legg, and Steve Haas

The meeting was called to order at 7 PM at the Walker Recreation Center in Foster City.

President's Report – Trinka Gillis

Trinka thanked Tony for another successful Ski-O week. Matej Sebo was named to the Junior team. The 501(c)(3) application process has started and is in the first of three stages. Gaining 501(c)(3) status (a change from our 501(c)(7) status) may mean lower fees, more access to some parks. Google Checkout has been set up and used for Ski-O and also ready for Summerfest, can be set up for membership as well. It is still open how best to remind people when their membership expires.

Online Votes/Approval of Minutes – Vicki Woolworth

The 2013 budget was approved by online poll on January 20, 2013, and Nick Corsano was approved as Chair of the Nominating Committee on February 9, 2013. A vote was held to approve the minutes of the December 2012 meeting, motion passed.

Treasurer's Report – Kelly Wells

Kelly showed final numbers for 2012 events and for 2013 so far. He noted that we should avoid late fees whenever possible, especially with East Bay Parks. Note that starts are counted from results on the web page. Please keep up with expense reports. Trinka visited the Juniors locker, and it looks like we could consolidate into one locker since most stuff is in a trailer, plan to decide before paid period is up (June).

Mapping Report – Bob Cooley

Bob reported by email. He has LIDAR for Joaquin Miller Park, and can get free LIDAR of most of the Bay Area now, but just half of Canada college. Zherdev will be here in June to map. Bob welcomes suggestions for places to map. Scott suggested Las Posadas State Forest (part GS camp).

Event Coordinator’s report – Rex Winterbottom

Rex summarized the most recent events: Bon Tempe good event, Willow Glen nice, Bayfront succeeded despite last-minute planning, Anza, JMP, Joe Grant good draw, Emerald Hills not huge attendance, Berkeley sprint worked well. Still need ED for Annadel, Indian Valley. To avoid late event fees Rex is trying to encourage EDs to get it going early. Encourage folks to try the new series, both TrailCross and Scramble. It looks like 2013 is pretty well set, and 2014 is in the works too. One way to get more EDs might be to sign up two course setters and share the ED responsibility. Using online sign-up seems to help get volunteers, which is sometimes a challenge for ED. Might consider charging $2 more to sign up on day of event, to encourage online sign-up. Erin suggested setting some events that are focused on Yellow and Orange, maybe even have a more extensive beginners clinic so that people would be ready for Yellow.

Ski-O Report – Tony Pinkham

Seven events, first was WRE, later-than-normal organizing may have contributed to low turnout, but had enough to qualify. Tony is looking to getting started for next year, possibly extend WRE days and maybe do a championship. The ability to make trails has been a significant improvement to the ski-O courses. Tony suggests having more events where it is possible to do multiple courses, folks enjoyed this at Auburn ski club. This can also apply to other types of events. There was much help from folks outside the club. Online registration helped, Mark set up epunch and Rosemary trained Tony and several new users learned it quickly and would like to use it in their own club. Plan to do more advance publicity for the next series, have registration reports, better map coordination. Next year will be about a week later than usual. A few more ski buffs are still available. Thoughts for next year: a longer time limit for the Score-O, and encouraging non-skiers to come by holding ski clinics or other fun stuff.

A-Meet Report – Gary Kraght

BAOC is currently the only club in the U.S. to do two A-meet weekends per year. This year we have the Sierra Summerfest and Pacheco Pass​—​Steve Harrison ED with U.S. Ultralong champs (Dennis Wilkenson CS) and middle course (François Léonard CS). In 2014, May A-meet will be at Boggs Mountain, a 2-day classic (Bill and Heidi Cusworth CS, Trinka registrar), September plan is to have an A-meet at Calero with Stephanie MacLean ED, Luc Poppe and Theo Verhoeven course setters, Steve Beuerman registrar.
Gary encouraged the board to think ahead to 2016 and consider hosting the North American Championships (2014 will be in Canada). Gary believes we have appropriate terrain in the Bay Area for 4 events over 3 days. To make this a success we need a leader, someone who really wants to do it. The board should help make decision on leader, with a committee to make final decision.
As for 2013, plans are being developed for Sierra Summerfest, which will include the OUSA Annual General Meeting.

Report of the Nominating Committee – Nick Corsano

Nick, Steve Haas, and Scott Aster made up the committee, which recommended Jeff Lanam for president, Rex Winterbottom for event coordinator, Kelly Wells for treasurer, and Vicki Woolworth for Secretary. The board voted to approve the recommendation of the committee.

Adventure Running Kids – Erin Schirm

Erin presented a proposal to start an Adventure Running Kids program in the Bay Area as a way to foster Junior team development and generally bring more kids into orienteering. Adventure Running Kids focuses on 6 to 12 year olds, who get together after school for running and other activities. Emphasis is on having fun in the outdoors with only occasional use of map or compass at the beginning, mostly developing the ability to be comfortable with being in and running in the woods. It will need seed money to start, but should eventually become a self-supporting program with paid coach (half or 3/4 time). Erin will write up a more formal proposal to submit to the board.

Fees for Event Series – Trinka Gillis

Trinka sent out a proposal for pricing for TrailCross and Scramble events (shown below) and the Board voted to approve this as the standard pricing (as with regular events, exceptions can be made).
3-hour (standard) Scramble
$20 – first team member ($30 after pre-registration deadline)
$10 – each additional team member ($15 after pre-registration deadline)
$5 – each additional youth member (Aged 12–20)
Free – Youth under 12, must be accompanying adult
TrailCross:  5 km/10 km/10 miles
Until Tue before (inclusive) – $25/$30/$35
On or after Wed before – $30/$35/$40
Junior (anytime) – $15/$17/$20
BAOC member – subtract $5
No shirt – subtract $7

Directors’ reports were not presented as the building was being closed.

Next meeting has not yet been scheduled. (To be held Tuesday, June 4)

Meeting adjourned at 10 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Vicki Woolworth
BAOC Secretary