BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Jun. 4, 2013
Location: Foster City, CA
Event Directors: - 408.313.3753, - 510.407.1876
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors—7:00-10:00 PM; free pizza and salad will be available at 6:30—All club members are welcome

Approved minutes of the BAOC Board Meeting held June 4, 2013

Present: Jeff Lanam (President), Dan Greene, Steve Harrison, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Kelly Wells (Treasurer), Wayne Caplinger, Bob Cooley, Nancy Lindeman, Scott Aster, Nick Corsano, Trinka Gillis, Vicki Woolworth (Secretary), Rosemary Johnson, Mark Blair, and Steve Haas

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at the Walker Recreation Center in Foster City.

President's Report – Jeff Lanam

Our spring orienteering season kicked off the new TrailCross and Wilderness Scramble series, with TrailCross events at Black Diamond and Spring Lake, Scrambles at Sunol and Del Valle, and classic events at McLaren Park, Pt. Pinole, and Joe Grant. The McLaren event closed out our fifth COOL season. On a personal note, I'd like to thank Rex Winterbottom and everyone else who stepped up when I couldn't continue as event director for McLaren.
Eleven BAOC members went to the U.S. Championships in Lake George, NY in May. They had a very strong showing, particularly François Léonard, who is the M40+ champion in the Sprint, and Marie-Josée Parayre, who is the F35+ champion in both the Sprint and the Long.
Last month, I went to a presentation by the Santa Clara County Parks Department on their plans for Calero. Their direction from the Board of Supervisors is to open the park to cyclists where possible and connect park trails to neighboring parks such as Almaden Quicksilver. As you might expect, this aroused objections from equestrians, who have felt that Calero should remain a haven for horse riders. The plan is to have a core area of Calero remaining off-limits to cyclists, while permitting them on connecting perimeter trails. Some existing trails will be re-routed to improve safety and reduce erosion. There will also be new staging areas to provide access to the recent additions to Calero. This will be staged over ten years, so nothing will happen overnight. Anyone interested in the details can find them at the County Parks' website ( After the meeting, I talked with several park officials about orienteering. I also learned that night activities are not out of the question.

Online Votes/Approval of Minutes – Vicki Woolworth

On April 20 the Board approved increasing the registration budget by $815 (from $400 to $1215) to purchase 100 new rental compasses.
A decision was made by email poll to renew the domain for 5 years, at a cost of $49.95.
The AGM minutes were reviewed and posted April 27.
The March BAOC Board minutes were approved May 3.

Treasurer's Report – Kelly Wells

Reviewed spreadsheet with all events entered. Scrambles yield good income, in part since we only have to pay OUSA per start, teams pay by individual. Kelly commented on difficulties sorting income imported from Google, he decided to lump for now, break down later. Kelly plans to do a 5-year overview of event attendance by course. Also plans to further study the need for the Junior locker before deciding to extend it further.
There was discussion about permitting options based on experience with Joe Grant. Google checkout is to go away; considering alternatives. Trinka to research PayPal and Google wallet​—​we will await this investigation before working on online membership. Also considering aligning with the system used by OUSA. We need to be cautious not to understate attendance at events, since it can aggravate park relations.

Mapping Report – Bob Cooley

Bob is looking for a wonderful area to map, with not much success. One site was investigated near Auburn that we could share with GCO​—​some good parts, enough for one day of a meet. Bob is waiting for LIDAR, not sure when it will be available. Sonoma County might get LIDAR survey done, which could improve the Annadel map. Updating an existing map with LIDAR is a lot of work, but might be justified. Considering redoing Joaquin Miller Park​—​contour lines missing in some spots​—​LIDAR is available.

Event Coordinator's Report – Rex Winterbottom (emailed)

Rex encouraged event directors to get more info on web pages sooner, and to be sure to get permits ASAP. Nick Corsano is looking into restoring orienteering at Big Basin State Park. China Camp and Coyote Hills are other places we could reestablish orienteering if an interested member wants to take up the cause. We're waiting to see what happens with Annadel​—​management might be transferring back to state parks, which could change our ability to get permits.

A-Meet Reports:

Sierra Summerfest – Vicki Woolworth
Plans are progressing, permits in process. For the AGM, Jeff is getting a list of who is eligible to attend.
Pacheco State Park Ultralong Champs – Steve Harrison
The permit is in process, Dennis working on Ultra Long, François on Middle. No model course planned. Adventure racers were considered as a target audience for this event, but there are fewer AR people​—​AR seems to be dying out (advanced recreational class). The Ultra Long requires an advanced aid station​—​working with the park, and will need to pay park employee to drive vehicle to this location. There will not be a big dinner, may suggest and coordinate smaller get-togethers. Park management would like to encourage visitation. Considering sponsorships​—​Vlad commented that companies typically will give stuff but not cash, visitor convention centers will help with publicity.
Order For Medals – Vicki to make an order for about 500 medals to cover the next few years of A-meets. It was noted that awards are at the discretion of the event director, but it is expected that we will make use of this stock.

New Juniors Director

Wayne Caplinger has been appointed to Juniors Director. He noted that he may be perceived as having a conflict of interest, since he is also coaching the Berkeley team. Dan Greene suggested calling a jury of orienteers if there are any problems. Also suggested encouraging more parent volunteers, with an eye to keeping the program going in the future. Kelly commented that when we become 501(c)(3) we may be expected, if not required, to do things like provide grants for junior training and travel and hold specific youth events. Dan suggested expanding this program in concert with the OUSA effort.

Adventure Racing Kids

Tabled to next meeting.

Use of Nisene Marks and Wilder Ranch Maps by PCTR – Vladimir Gusiatnikov

Vladimir (representing PCTR) is requesting use of maps for this organization's trail runs. He is suggesting charging $100 for use of map. Vlad would do the printing (and course setting).

Funding for a Membership Tracking and Notification System

Werner not here; tabled for now.

Silva Award Nomination

Discussed candidates for Silva and Golden Troll awards.

Directors' reports

Publicity – Nancy Lindeman
Nancy is distributing Summerfest flyers. Judy Koehler resigned as North Bay Publicity (vote of thanks to Judy for 15 years of service). Nancy suggested sending meet announcements to other email lists, but few clubs list other A-meets on their websites.
Registration – Steve Haas
Steve received the compasses he ordered, the OUSA waiver was added to registration, and he also created forms for Scramble and TrailCross events.
E-Punch – Rosemary Johnson
Need more information to determine how many controls (e.g., if we need to rent). Bayfront event required high-capacity sticks, but charged no rental fee. The E-punch team needs more coordination with the event director and course setter when new formats are desired.
Outreach – Scott Aster
Orienteering event for 500 people in Livermore area (from Rex)​—​will refer to Joe Scarborough or Bruce Wolfe.
Equipment – Mark Blair
The club equipment needs organization. Mark is trying to get stuff together.

Due to time limitations there were no further Directors' reports or new business.

Meeting adjourned at 10 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Vicki Woolworth
BAOC Secretary