Gerry Goss at Briones, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Sep. 11, 2012
Location: Foster City, CA
Event Directors: - 650.248.9595, - 510.407.1876
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors -- 7:00-10:00 PM; free pizza and salad will be available at 6:30 -- All club members are welcome

Approved minutes of the BAOC Board Meeting held September 11, 2012

Present: Mark Blair, Rex Winterbottom (Event Coordinator), Dan Greene, Jeff Lanam, Nancy Lindeman, Scott Aster, Nick Corsano, Trinka Gillis (President), Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Vicki Woolworth (Secretary).

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM at the Walker Recreation Center in Foster City.

President’s report

Congratulations to Tony Pinkham, Greg Walker, and Greg Walker, Jr. on receiving the President’s Award from Orienteering USA for their leadership of the 2012 Ski Orienteering World Cup and accompanying Sierra Ski Orienteering Festival. Trinka also thanks George Minarik and the nominating committee. Jay Hann also was awarded a Golden Troll. Thanks go to Steve Haas for organizing another volunteer event, this one at Redwood Park where several BAOC members helped pull weeds. A recent glitch on the website (due to changes in the underlying code) has been fixed. A note on park fees: these seem to be going up, Wilder Ranch was $1000 of which about half went to paying a ranger for oversight of the event. These fees seem to vary greatly from district to district.

Email votes

There were no email votes this quarter.

Approval of minutes

June board minutes were presented, will be put to an online vote for approval.

A-meet at Boggs

Nick reported 90 people registered so far, courses have been vetted, portapotties rented, and most everything else ready for this barebones event. There will likely be a potluck, and people are encouraged to bring chairs. Nick asked if it would be OK to provide wine as a prize for the adult categories — it has been done and he will look into it.

Stolen Radios

The storage unit containing BAOC equipment was broken into and club radios were stolen. Mark Blair’s homeowners policy covered the loss, which was valued at $3400. After the $1500 deductible there is $1900 remaining to fund a replacement. Fortunately a less expensive type of radio (GMRS, 2 watt) is available that should work for our purposes.

Vasona Permanent Course Update

The permanent orienteering course was completed by Mark Sinks and his team in July as part of Mark’s Eagle Scout project, with help from Bob Cooley and Chuck Spalding. One cub scout pack has already used the course.

Scarborough Orienteering Event Announcements

Joe offered a discount on medals if we mention his business in our meet advertisement. General discussion of vendors ensued. One concern was that permit applications specifically ask for specific information about sales on site, and if we mention the vendor in our event notices we would have to include this on our application. It might work best if the vendor applied for a separate permit in this case.

Map Swap

Vlad proposed a map swap in which BAOC would be able to use Get Lost’s McLaren and Black Diamond maps in return for allowing Get Lost to use our Boggs Mountain map for a Mountain Bike-O Champs. Jeff moved to accept this proposal and the motion was seconded and passed.

Directors’ Reports

Event Coordinator: Rex Winterbottom is running out of people to tap and is finalizing next year’s schedule. Since it would be nice to have more people to tap, he is interested in getting the club going on expanding our base of volunteers by attracting more members. Discussion ensued on how best to pursue this goal, and a followup meeting of the publicity committee will be scheduled. A schedule is being proposed for next year’s A-meet in the summer in the Sierras.
Treasurer: Kelly Wells, via email: Last year at this time, our Net income per start was $5.18, now it is $5.13, so we are doing about the same. Our starts are down about 280 on non-A meets compared with this time last year. However, 224 were part of last year’s ski-O and 70 were part of 3 days of Pacheco, so even then we are on par. Cash on hand is down about $5300 from this time last year. We have had a few $100 late fees on East Bay park registrations. Each one is worth 20 starts. Our upcoming 501(c)(3) application will be around $700–$800.
Mapping: Bob Cooley, via email: Bob spent 3 days fixing Rossmoor Bar and 3 days fixing Presidio (1 day with photos, 1 day in the field, 1 day drawing). He also spent a day fixing Vasona for the permanent course, and generated a base map from free Lidar data for Coyote Lake, Harvey Bear. Matej is adding vegetation and field checking. Bob tried to generate a base map for Canada college, but there is missing data. He spent a couple days at Shell Ridge fixing rocks and half a day at Little Truckee Summit fixing the map, which is now 13 sq km, as well as 3 days vetting Boggs Mtn. The next big project is yet to be determined.
Ben Legg, via email: Ben did a major update on the Berkeley campus map for Joseph’s training event, and is pondering an extension up to the "big-C" and/or the Clark-Kerr campus. Ben is also working on ISSOM maps of Alvarado (northern tip of Wildcat) and Codornices Park, which are in various stages of incompletion. He is also kind of interested in making a map of Lafayette Reservoir sometime, which could be better than people realize. However, he doesn’t expect to have enough time to work on any of those until December at the soonest.
Scott suggested North Los Posados and Jackson State Forests, the latter has more potential and will be suggested to Bob.
Publicity: Nancy Lindeman has been working on editing Ben’s flyers — it will be nice to have these on the website in a downloadable form. There will be separate flyers for classic, scramble, and trail cross events. Printing on cardstock was also suggested, easier to distribute at events like trail runs. Vladimir offered to hand out cards when he attends these events. Nancy asked for more photos that can be used to promote orienteering.
Bulletin: Jeff Lanam is developing a list of suggested topics, planning to get one issue out by the end of October. Contributions are welcome.
Epunch/Event Quality: Rosemary Johnson asked for event directors to recruit volunteers for epunch now that the process has been simplified. Dan Greene will attempt to reorganize the instructions for event directors to make this clearer, along with the recommendations for refreshments.
Outreach: Scott Aster is recruiting for a scout event.
Equipment: Mark Blair reports that 350 new controls have arrived.

New Business

Volunteers for the budget committee include Vicki, Trinka, and Nick; Bob and Kelly will also participate.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Vicki Woolworth
BAOC Secretary