A scenic view at Annadel State Park

BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Mar. 9, 2010
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Directors: - 650.906.9672, - 650.248.9595
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors -- 7:00-10:00 PM; pizza will be available at 6:30 -- All club members are welcome

Approved minutes of the March 9, 2010 board meeting – Trinka Gillis, BAOC Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Nick Corsano.

Present were Nick Corsano*, Alex Finch*, Steve Beuerman*, Trinka Gillis*, George Minarik, Mark Blair*, Kelly Wells*, Bob Cooley*, Rex Winterbottom*, Jim Fish, Toby Ferguson*, Jay Hann*, Nancy Lindeman*, Scott Aster*, Esther Heller, Ev and Jean Beuerman*, Steve Gregg, Scott Novotny, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Jeff Lanam*, Philipp Kopisch, Manfred Kopisch. (* = Board Member)

1. Approval of Minutes – Nick Corsano

The minutes were approved with one correction to item 8, changing "Joe" to "Bob".

2. Email Votes – Trinka Gillis

There were no email votes during the last quarter.

3. President's Report – Nick Corsano

The AGM will be held at Sunol on Sunday April 25th.

Congratulations to Jay Hann, the recipient of the 2009 BAOC service award.

The BAOC Facebook page is set up and has 168 members now.

Progress on 501c3 tax-exempt status: this year the IRS will introduce an online application form, and filing electronically will cost $200 instead of $850, so we will wait to file.

Thanks to Ben Legg, the UC Berkeley Orienteering Club has been formed.

Eight members were at Point Pinole last weekend, and several others expressed interest.

Glenn Schorr, Executive Director of USOF, is working with the Sports Marketing department at Lasuen University in Maryland to develop marketing materials for USOF. There are five teams of students, and one team will be working with Nick Corsano.

Nick passed around the proposed new USOF logos.

4. Event Coordinators' Report – Alex Finch

BAOC has two new regional coordinators. Joining Steve Gregg and Steve Haas are Scott Novotny overseeing the San Francisco/Tahoe territory, and Donato Polignone scheduling events in the North Bay Donato knows the rangers at Annadel and will see if we can get back use of that park.

Rex Winterbottom stepped down as Sprint Coordinator, and Shura Krechetov has replaced him. Shura will submit results to the North American sprint series, and update sprint series results.

We are trying to schedule an event at China Camp, but they are asking us to participate in a review process. We had an issue with crossing the meadow last year, and the park has a budget shortfall and staffing shortages. All large event permits are on hold.

Alex is looking for event directors for China Camp and Tamarancho, and would appreciate suggestions. He is looking at event rosters to get names of potential new Event Directors and Course Setters.

Ben Legg is planning his Red Bluff training the first weekend of May.

Alex asked for a show of hands of who would attend both a Granite Bay and Stanford event the same weekend. Unfortunately, neither the Granite Bay nor the Stanford event can be easily rescheduled.

Alex is planning to start his own outdoor event business, planning events such as trail runs, corporate events and team building events. Since this is potentially a conflict of interest, he asked the board for their feeling on this. Nobody thought it was a serious problem. The Nominating Committee didn't see a conflict.

5. Treasurer's Report – Steve Beuerman

BAOC has $42,670 in the bank, with receipts not yet turned in for Ski-O and several other recent events.

6. Nominating Committee – Nick Corsano

Nick Corsano is stepping down as President, and Steve Beuerman is stepping down as Treasurer.

The Nominating Committee consisted of Nancy Lindeman, Jim Fish, and Mark Blair, headed by Scott Aster.

Trinka Gillis agreed to run for President. Kelly Wells agreed to run for Treasurer, and since Trinka's change in position opened up the Secretary spot, Vicki Woolworth agreed to run for Secretary. Alex Finch agreed to stay on as Event Coordinator.

It was moved that the board approve the slate of officers for next year: Trinka Gillis for President, Alex Finch for Event Coordinator, Kelly Wells for Treasurer, and Vicki Woolworth for Secretary, as recommended by the Nominating Committee, for presentation to the club membership at the Annual General Meeting. The motion passed.

7. Permanent Course at Bayfront Park – Philipp Kopisch

Philipp Kopisch requested permission to use a club map of Bayfront Park in order to install a permanent orienteering course for his Eagle Scout project.

It was moved and seconded that we give Philipp Kopisch permission to use our Bayfront map for his permanent courses. The motion passed.

Jay Hann was suggested as Philipp's designated club contact.

8. Mapping – Bob Cooley

Zherdev will arrive in June and finish working on the map of Salt Point. He will also repair Almaden Quicksilver, and work on the new area east of Little Truckee Summit that is most suitable. Bob will work on Stanford and Presidio corrections.

9. BAOC Survey

Survey Conclusions

When we created the survey, we had some specific questions in mind, such as

  • Should we continue the monthly event email?
  • Should we continue the mailed paper bulletin or convert to electronic?
  • Why don't some people volunteer?
  • How can we recruit more ED/CS volunteers?
  • Should we raise event fees?
  • How can we recruit more members?
  • What changes do people want to see in the club?

The survey indicated weaknesses especially in regards to volunteer recruitment and communications, and we received many suggestions for improvements in all areas of the club. We created a committee to look at and make recommendations to the board based on the survey, with members Jeff Lanam, Scott Aster, Rex Winterbottom and Trinka Gillis.

10. A-Meet Committee – George Minarik

Current A-meet schedule:

Oct 1-3, 2010 Boggs Mountain 3-day: An ED and three course setters have volunteered. They may also hold a Night-O.

In 2011, they are proposing a Saturday morning A-Meet sprint on January 8, 2011, and on March 26-27, a 2-day A-meet at Pacheco State Park, with a bid to host the US Interscholastic Championships. We have never hosted the IS Champs.

It was moved and seconded that we approve bidding for the IS champs at an A-meet in Pacheco on March 26-27, 2011.The motion carries.

The Salt Point A-meet has been postponed to summer 2012

The January 8th, 2011 A-meet would be the first race of a two-day, five-race sprint festival, the only A-meet event of the festival, and a World Ranking Event.

The remaining four races will be put on by Terraloco/Get Lost! in other parks. BAOC will get 100% of the revenue for the first race, and Terraloco/Get Lost! will get 100% of the revenue for the other four races. Vladimir Gusiatnikov will update the section of the Golden Gate Park map that will be used for the event, and BAOC will bear the expense of the park permit. Get Lost! will arrange ePunch for all events, and it will be a joint effort to recruit volunteers.

It was moved and seconded to approve the plan for an A-meet and WRE at Golden Gate Park on January 8, 2011, with arrangements for map and ePunch as George described. The motion passed.

There was some discussion of an embargo of the area in advance of a WRE. The feeling was that the IOF embargo applies as soon as the event is announced, but since it is a sprint, the embargo may only require that people avoid training with a map in the embargoed area.

11. Park Relations Task Force – Nick Corsano

In order to be proactive about improving the club relationships with park entities, Nick has established a Park Relations Task Force, led by Bruce Wolff, and with members Shura Krechetov and Steve Gregg. The three of them and Nick will hold a kick-off meeting at McLaren park this weekend. If anyone else would like to join, let him know.

12. Big Blue Coordination – Nancy Lindeman

What would we like to do to coordinate with Big Blue Adventures? We already link to their website.

It was suggested that we create a task force to look at it, but in the end we decided that Nancy should tell BBA that we are interested but have no good ideas on what we could do together.

13. BAOC patches – Jay Hann

Scouts earn patches at Scout-O, so Jay suggests making patches available at other BAOC events, and offer a different patch to draw scouts to more orienteering events.

Alan Houser and Esther Heller are willing to look at designing a patch.

Ev and Jean Beuerman are willing to sell patches from the registration table as long as they don't have to enforce who buys them.

14. USOF Draft Strategic Plan – Nick Corsano

Nick summarized the preliminary draft of the plan, which included a revised mission for USOF, and goals such as creating a unified orienteering community, increasing starts, increasing volunteer hours, and making orienteering available throughout the U.S.

15. Directors' Reports

Publicity – Nancy Lindeman and Jay Hann

Nancy and Jay showed us the four-page article in Boy's Life magazine, which focused on the two Kopisch brothers at the fall Briones meet. They will enlarge the article to display at the Scout Jamboree and the adventure racing open house.

Bulletin – Jeff Lanam

Jeff is working on this month's bulletin.

Membership – Kelly Wells

20 memberships expired at the end of 2009, and he hasn't followed up on them yet. Since he is taking on the Treasurer role, he is looking for a new person to replace him as Membership Director.

Social – Rex Winterbottom

The Christmas event in Willow Glen with a potluck was good. We will use the school for events again.
The AGM is coming up. He encourages club members to stick around and be a part of the process

Outreach – Scott Aster

It has been quiet. Scott found someone to help the YMCA group put on an event at Vasona. Some outreach events will pay if you volunteer to help out.
Scott will contact REI to see if we can schedule talks.

Equipment – Mark Blair

Mark is going to add the text "everyone welcome" to the directional signs. He and Toby are still working on the automated registration and event processing software.

EPunch – Toby Ferguson

Toby is planning to hold a training event to train others to run an event using the GeBe system. He is trying to make it possible for non-trained people to use the GeBe.

Juniors – Jay Hann

The Bayfront event was the last event of the COOL season. The awards were delayed due to a snow storm.
The Second Western Regional Champs will be this coming weekend.
The National Interscholastic Champs will be in Ohio this year.
The Northern California 100th Anniversary Scout Jamboree will be in Pleasanton, and Jay has been allowed 1400 m2 of pavement to create a mini-o course.

16. New Business – Nick Corsano

The next board meeting is tentatively set for June 8th. Trinka will try to find a more central location.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 PM.

Trinka Gillis
Secretary, BAOC

Minutes approved without changes. June 7th, Foster City, CA