Kelly Wells approaches a boulder control on the Red course at Mt. Pinos, June 2001 (Photo: Joel Thompson, LAOC)

BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Dec. 14, 2010
Location: Foster City, CA
Event Directors: - 650.248.9595, - 510.407.1876
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors -- 7:00-10:00 PM; free pizza and salad will be available at 6:30 -- All club members are welcome

Approved minutes of the December 14, 2010 board meeting – Vicki Woolworth, BAOC Secretary

Present: Trinka Gillis (President), Alex Finch, Vicki Woolworth (Secretary), Kelly Wells, Mark Blair, Nick Corsano, Nancy Lindeman, George Minarik, Scott Aster, Jay Hann, Rosemary Johnson, Jeff Lanam, Bob Cooley, Ben Legg, Vladimir Gusiatnikov

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM at the Walker Recreation Center in Foster City.

1. Approval of September Meeting Minutes – Trinka Gillis

Minutes of the 9/14/2010 meeting were approved as amended.

2. Email Votes – Vicki Woolworth

Jay Hann moved that BAOC bid on the Intercollegiate Championships for 2011, to be held in conjunction with the Pacheco A-meet and the Interscholastic Championships. The motion was seconded and passed on October 23, 2010.

3. President's Report – Trinka Gillis

Trinka announced the new Volunteer Coordinator, Jim Fish.

The registration fees committee is on hold pending a new Registration director.

Trinka or Werner will begin doing follow-up when meet attendees indicate on their registration form that they would like more information.

ONA is planning to put some editions online and will be inviting club contributions.

Discussed using email to approve minutes in the future, so approved version can be sent to membership, posted online or printed in Bulletin in a timely fashion. Consensus that this would be reasonable, and that we would still put out highlights of the meeting as soon as possible after the meeting.

4. Event Coordinator's Report – Alex Finch

The meet at Calero was cancelled due to bad weather, the rangers feel this is necessary because they would be hampered by wet roads in case a rescue was needed and do not want to take this risk. Next year's planning calendar has been drafted and is available online.

5. Mapping – Bob Cooley

Bob has been searching San Mateo County for suitable places to map; one potential location is GGNRA Phleger Estate, on the north side of Huddart Park. The only parking is at Huddart. He is also planning to make corrections to the Northstar Village map.

6. A-Meet Report – George Minarik

Boggs went well and feedback has been positive. While there were some who would have preferred a more urban venue for the sprint, this was not practical at Boggs.

Planning for Pacheco is progressing, working on permit, parking, and shuttles.

A second A-meet in 2011 is planned for September at Little Truckee Summit with middle- and long-distance events as well as a sprint at Northstar.

7. Epunch Director Nomination

Mark Blair moved to nominate Rosemary Johnson for the position of e-punch director. The motion was seconded and passed.

8. Volunteer Recruiting Ideas – Vicki Woolworth for Jim Fish

Jim has suggested setting up a table or area on a table at each meet specifically for volunteer recruitment. This would have a sign-up sheet or poster with job descriptions. A banner was made up to draw attention to the operation, and it was suggested that an optimal place would be near the refreshments. Jim also prepared a membership card that could be used to record volunteer activities.

9. Juniors – Jay Hann

The Girl Scouts are planning a jamboree-type event like the Boy Scout one, to be held at Alameda County Fairgrounds in 2012, and they would like to have a similar orienteering demonstration as well.

Jay proposed some major budget items for juniors. Equipment needs to be moved from Jay's garage and a trailer was suggested as this would eliminate unloading and reloading between meets (estimated cost for trailer purchase and 1 year of storage — $6277). Other desired equipment includes a laptop, printer, set of direction signs,

10. Attendance at IS/IC – Nancy Lindeman

Nancy noted that this could be a great opportunity to recruit more youth.

11. Get Lost!! – Vladimir Gusiatnikov

Vlad described the type of events being organized by Get Lost for next year and beyond, including a rogaine and several street scrambles.

12. Permanent Course at Bayfront

Philipp Kopisch thanked the club for helping sponsor his Eagle Award Project (permanent O-course at Bayfront Park) for which he was awarded the Environmental Quality Award by the City of Menlo Park. [Ed: Maps of the courses are available here.]

13. Stanford Orienteering Club

Inquiries are being made to revive the club at Stanford, and to see if we can hold an event there.

14. Nominating Committee

Jeff Lanam volunteered to chair the nominating committee for spring's elections, Vicki moved to nominte Jeff, motion was seconded and passed.

15. Budget – Kelly Wells

A rough draft of the budget was discussed and Jeff moved that the deadline for proposing and voting on the 2011 BAOC budget be January 15, 2011. Motion seconded, passed.

16. Directors' Reports

Publicity – Nancy Lindeman – Nancy encouraged meet directors to put information about meets up on the web as soon as it is available even if it is not complete, people do find this useful and are more likely to attend.
Bulletin – Jeff Lanam – Jeff noted that it is difficult to come up with new material that is not already on the website, and is considering at least reformatting the Bulletin so it is easier to copy the material from the web. An informal poll indicates that most of the board would not miss the Bulletin, but some members might.
Training – Ben Legg reports that First Aid training is being scheduled, and a training event is being planned for later in the year.
Outreach – REI is interested in holding trainings, no definite plans yet.
Equipment – Mark Blair – Mark commented that the GeBe printer is obsolete, and he would like to replace it with the QuickStick system. Additional equipment and storage space will be needed; options were discussed and will be researched.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 PM. Next Board meeting is scheduled for March 8.

Vicki Woolworth
BAOC Secretary