Small piece of the master map at Annadel, 2003

BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Dec. 15, 2009
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Directors: - 650.906.9672, - 650.248.9595
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors -- 7:00-10:00 PM; pizza will be available at 6:30 -- All club members are welcome

Approved minutes of the December 15, 2009 Board meeting – Trinka Gillis, BAOC Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Nick Corsano.

Present were Nancy Lindeman*, Toby Ferguson*, Bob Cooley*, Dan Greene*, George Minarik, Ben Legg*, Mark Blair*, Everett Beuerman*, Jean Beuerman*, Esther Heller, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Jeff Lanam*, Steve Gregg, Matthias Kohler, Jay Hann*, Kelly Wells*, Steve Beuerman*, Nick Corsano*, Alex Finch*, Trinka Gillis*. (* = Board Members)

1. Approval of Minutes – Nick Corsano

The September 14, 2009 minutes were approved as amended.

2. Email Votes – Trinka Gillis

There were no email votes during the last quarter.

3. President's Report – Nick Corsano

Gavin Wyatt-Mair and Nick Corsano traveled to the USOF Board Meeting in October to present the BAOC proposal to host the 2013 JWOC, but USOF turned down the proposal.

Nick is working on the paperwork to renew the USOF charter for next year.

BAOC had a full fall schedule. Kudos to Jeff and all involved in the Pacheco Pass A-meet, and congratulations to all involved in the Golden Gate Getaway. Point Bonita is one of the coolest maps we have, in more than one sense of the word.

The Holiday Light-O is on Sunday — hope to see you all then.

4. Event Coordinators' Report – Alex Finch

The Trail-O training series was well-received. Alex hopes to continue it again next year.

The Las Trampas relay did not go as envisioned — basically everything that could go wrong did. Francois wrote up the problems that were encountered so that we could learn from them.

Alex is working on the 2010 schedule.

5. Treasurer's Report – Steve Beuerman

The club has $51,351 in the bank now.

The total non A-meet starts for the year were 2823, not including the past weekend.

6. New Board Member – Nick Corsano

Steve Gregg has relinquished the Training Director position, and Ben Legg is taking it on.

It was moved and seconded to appoint Ben Legg as the club's new training director, effective immediately. The motion passed.

7. Nominating Committee – Nick Corsano

The Nominating Committee will present a slate of candidates to the Board for all officer positions. Scott Aster has agreed to chair the committee.

It was moved and seconded to appoint Scott Aster as chair of the Nominating Committee. The motion passed.

8. Mapping Report – Bob Cooley

Bob will finish mapping Knowland Park next month. Hopefully they won't build anything new in the mapped area.

The new area of Calero can be used now, and he will extend the map farther next year.

The map for south Joe Grant has been repaired. Our standards increased since it was last mapped.

In June 2010, Bob and Zherdev will finish mapping Salt Point, extend Skyline Ridge, and repair Almaden Quicksilver.

Salt Point State Park, on the west side of Highway 1, has potential for a 2011 A-meet.

It was moved and seconded to authorize Bob to map Salt Point next year. Motion passed.

9. Golden Gate Getaway – Vladimir Gusiatnikov

The GGG was successful. Terraloco and Get Lost created three new maps, and held five very good sprints. Turnout could have been better, club participation could have been better. They had poor volunteer participation. Terraloco owns the Point Bonita and SF State map, Get Lost owns the McLaren Park map. BAOC could negotiate to use the map and hold an event there. McLaren park is easy to get permits, has nearly no poison oak, and very friendly rangers.

Get Lost and Terraloco want to hold a rogaine in Henry Coe Park in December 2010, followed by a sprint tournament in January 2011, including a showcase event with BAOC at Golden Gate Park. They are willing to update part of the Golden Gate Park map to hold an A-meet and WRE with a team training camp and two events Saturday and two events on Sunday.

To do this, BAOC would apply for an A-meet with USOF, and USOF would apply to IOF for WRE status. The tournament would be group starts. The WRE would only be the first event at Golden Gate Park. The non-WRE events would be put on by Get Lost and Terraloco.

10. A-meet Committee Report – George Minarik

We had a very successful Pacheco meet. It was an excellent venue.

BAOC is only holding one A-meet next year, at Boggs Mountain, in October 2010. This will be the third meet in that park. The ranger is retiring and he won't give us permission until the new ranger returns from maternity leave on January 1st. She is his former assistant, so we already have worked with her.

George has most of the volunteer leads already designated. He is planning a lower-key event, with events for juniors and top-quality courses, including a sprint, middle, long, and a Night-O.

11. BAOC Survey – Trinka Gillis

We had 115 total participants in the survey, including 71% male, 55% advanced degrees, 39% have been orienteering for 15+ years, 80% would orienteer even if we raised our prices, 51% said the Board of Directors is not an appealing position, and 67% have worked as an Event Director or Course Setter.

I will email complete survey results to the Board, and present more complete results at the March Board meeting.

12. 2010 budget – Steve Beuerman

We are only holding one A-meet in 2010, so estimated only $9000 in A-meet income for 2010. Regular meet income is the same. He increased the budget for the USOF annual fee.

The following amendments were made to the budget:

The EPunch Equipment budget increased to $6000.

Training budget increased to $1000.

Increased A-meet income to $10000.

Additional $4600 in additional expenses.

As currently budgeted, we will have $16,000 in our account at the end of 2010, but we probably won't spend as much as budgeted so we're more likely to have closer to $30,000 in the bank instead.

It was moved and seconded to approve the 2010 budget as amended. The motion passed.

13. Grant Programs – Jay Hann, Ben Legg

It was moved and seconded to continue the Junior Training Grant for 2010. The process will remain the same. Jeff Lanam will remain chair of the committee that dispenses the money.

Jeff asked for the Board's sense on issuing a grant to the same person twice in the same year. Discussion suggested we shouldn't have a policy preventing multiple grants to the same recipient, but we should make more effort to publicize the Junior Training Grant program.

The motion passed.

14. Equipment Policy – Mark Blair

1. A primary equipment custodian of BAOC is any person entrusted with the custodianship of equipment owned, maintained, and used by the club. Each such custodian is responsible for the secure storage and orienteering-related use of that portion of BAOC equipment in his/her charge. A primary custodian must be a member of BAOC. The custodian carries out the following duties related to his/her entrusted equipment and holds final authority in all decisions involved in those duties, unless otherwise noted:

A. Ensure that the entrusted equipment is transferred among members of BAOC in a secure and timely fashion as it is needed by those members for use in local BAOC events.
B. Ensure that the entrusted equipment, when used for any purpose other than a scheduled BAOC event,
(1) is used for a purpose that the primary custodian considers sufficiently orienteering-related to merit the use of BAOC-owned equipment for that purpose;
(2) is transferred directly from and to the primary custodian before and after its use for that purpose;
(3) is used in a manner that minimizes the risk of loss or damage of the equipment; and
(4) does not give rise to a conflict with any other use of that equipment within BAOC for any other purpose. If a conflict of this type does arise, then the primary custodian should consult all parties involved to negotiate an ad hoc arrangement for use of the equipment that avoids the conflict. If this fails to resolve the situation, the BAOC Equipment Director and other club authorities may be consulted for guidance. If no agreement can be reached or it is simply not possible to use the equipment for both the scheduled BAOC event and the conflicting purpose, the scheduled event's need for that equipment takes precedence.
C. Ensure that the entrusted equipment, whenever transferred for use in a local event, is transferred in its entirety and never in part, unless absolutely unavoidable.
D. Ensure that the entrusted equipment is available in a timely fashion in its entirety whenever it is needed for any scheduled BAOC event or activity which is not a local event, such as a national or international event in which BAOC plays a part.

It was moved and seconded to approve the policy as written.

The Board decided that the policy as written describes the current modus operandi, and does not need to be formally adopted as a policy.

It was moved and seconded to postpone indefinitely. The motion passed.

15. Park Relations Task Force – Nick Corsano

Nick is setting up a task force to proactively improve relations with parks. The task force will begin after the first of the year. If you are interested in participating, let him know.

16 BAOC on Facebook – Trinka Gillis

Several Board members responded favorably to the suggestion that BAOC should have a Facebook page. If someone takes ownership of posting events, members say they will attend the event on Facebook. It is a good tool for drawing youth. Toby will present the idea to Cameron, to see if he would be willing to create the page.

17. Directors' Reports

Insurance – Brad Wetmore

Report submitted by email.
USOF Event Insurance for 2010 is now in place. Seems to be at the same level as for 2009. All BAOC events on the current 2010 calendar have been processed.
East Bay Regional Parks District and now Santa Clara County Parks are allowing us to submit a single insurance certificate for the entire year.
Auto Liability insurance for BAOC hired/non-owned autos was renewed in Sept 2009 for one full year at $192. $1M of coverage.
Approximately 35 people have supplied me with DL and proof of insurance for various events. We require that drivers show me these two things before they can drive as part of BAOC events.

Equipment – Mark Blair

Mark suggested renting a self-storage locker to hold A-meet equipment. This would be separate equipment from the regional kits. It would cost $30/month for locker plus $3000 for extra equipment.

Publicity – Nick Corsano

A newspaper article was published by a reporter who attended one of Rex's events. An article in Boy's Life is expected in March, by a reporter and photographer who attended the Scout-O.

EPunch – Toby Ferguson

We have been having a problem with synchronizing the controls and low battery power.

17. New Business – Nick Corsano

The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 9th.

At the next meeting, we will discuss a proposal about working with Get Lost, the BAOC Survey, and the nomination of officers.

Meeting adjourned at 10:06 PM.

Trinka Gillis
Secretary, BAOC

Approved as amended on March 9, 2010