Gavin Wyatt-Mair, founder and director of the annual Briones Scout-O (Photo: Judy Koehler)

BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Mon.) Dec. 5, 2005
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Event Director: - 415.681.7075
Type: Club Board Meeting, all members are welcome

Table of contents
Present: Board members Scott Aster, Everett Beuerman, Jean Beuerman, Steve Beuerman, Mark Blair, Bob Cooley, Nick Corsano, Dan Greene, Steve Gregg, Nancy Lindeman, George Minarik, Jeff Lanam, and welcome club member Tony Pinkham.

In the absence of the President, Treasurer George Minarik presided.
In the absence of the Secretary, Nick Corsano recorded minutes.

The meeting was called to order in the Gilbert Biological Sciences Building at Stanford at 7:00 p.m. by George Minarik.


The minutes of the September Board meeting were approved.

2. PRESIDENT'S REPORT – Ian Tidswell (by email)

Ian feels that the club had a good year, as evidenced by the high turnout at events. The success of the club drives one of our main challenges, maintaining good relations with park authorities. He pointed to the work party at Montebello organized by Terry Farrah as a great way to give back to the parks, and he is interested in other ideas for building these relations.

Staffing board positions remains a challenge - Event Coordinator and Junior Director need or will need replacements. It was discussed that the Event Coordinator position had become less burdensome now that responsibilities were divided up regionally.

There is growing involvement from JROTC and schools. Ian spoke to affiliated adults at Golden Gate Park who showed interest in helping to organize youth activities.

Syd Reader sprints to the finish at Las Trampas (1999)

3. EVENT COORDINATOR'S REPORT – Evan Custer (by email)

Evan distributed the 2006 schedule as it now stands. Events for the first quarter are shaping up well, except that insurance can not be arranged until after January 1.

4. TREASURER'S REPORT – George Minarik

George reviewed the year-to-date financial results. The club may achieve record income for the year. Expenses are well under budget, although there are still some major meet-related expenses outstanding. Year-end balance is estimated at over $28,000.

5. 2006 BUDGET – George Minarik

The budget committee, consisting of Ian Tidswell, Bob Cooley, and George Minarik put together the 2006 budget. With two "A" meets scheduled for next year, income is expected to increase. The budget includes funds for a major mapping effort, Boggs Mountain in Lake County. The budget also includes a line item ($500) for environmental programs.

There was discussion of how BAOC could support Gold Country Orienteers' mapping projects. There was consensus that this would be worthwhile, but GCO would need to take the lead.

There were two changes made to the budget as published on the BayOnet. George recalculated membership income and raised it from $3700 to $4300. The budget for Junior activities was increased from $100 to $500. With these changes, the budget was adopted unanimously.

Kelly Wells approaches a boulder control on the Red course at Mt. Pinos, June 2001 (Photo: Joel Thompson, LAOC)

6. MAPPING REPORT – Bob Cooley and Scott Aster

Scott was the guest of club member Lars Crail for an aerial tour of Lake County sites. The most promising is Boggs Mountain, which is a State Demonstration Forest, about 10 miles south of Clear Lake. Scott and Bob walked the site, and reported enthusiastically on its potential for orienteering. It is 13 sq km, about 90% runnable forest, has a fair number of roads and trails, some rock detail and NO poison oak. There is a primitive campground, and ample space for parking. They met the manager of the site, who was very supportive. The Board approved a proposal to authorize the mapping of Boggs Mountain.

Bob has a spreadsheet showing the characteristics of many potential venues. There were discussions about several. A suggestion was made to post the information on the web site.

7. CONTRIBUTION TO US O' TEAM – George Minarik

At its September meeting, the Board approved up to $1000 to Dan Stoll-Hadaiya for reimbursement of expenses in competing in the World Orienteering Championships this summer. Dan has now declined reimbursement, and requested that the money be contributed to the US team. The Board voted to donate $1000 from the training grant budget to the US Orienteering Team in recognition of Dan's participation and in accordance with his request.

Rubin heads to the finish at the 2001 Morgan Territory A-meet, shadowed by proud papa Van Boughner (Photo: Tony Pinkham)

8. SKI-O' – Tony Pinkham

Tony has received permission from both sites for the planned 2007 US Ski-O' championships, Burton Creek and Tahoe-Donner, so he is going to proceed to submit a bid. The plan for 2007 is a foot-O' meet the last weekend of January, three days of low-key ski-O' events during the week, and the championships on February 3-4. The World Championships will be a month later in Russia. Tony has placed ads in ONA and is looking for other avenues of publicity.

9. BAYFRONT PARK – Nick Corsano

Nick reported that the Menlo Park City Council had authorized negotiations with a developer interested in building an executive golf course on Bayfront Park. A citizens' group, Friends of Bayfront Park, has organized to oppose this. The developer has agreed to build soccer and softball fields for the city, to enhance the appeal of the project. A resolution was proposed and adopted that BAOC supports the preservation of Bayfront Park as open space.

Sean Cody finishing the Bear Valley Ski-O in 2001


Membership (Steve Beuerman): Steve led a discussion about the benefits of using PayPal for A meet registration. Steve agreed to set up an account, and George agreed to administer it. There was discussion about reviving the idea of a membership benefits committee. Jeff Lanam agreed to gather interested people.

Registration (Ev & Jean Beuerman): The North Bay registration position is still vacant.

E-punch (Trinka Gillis [by email]): Trinka had published a list of participants and the number of events each had attended. High participation by members of the Stanford O' Club was noted.

Event Quality (Dan Greene): Dan discussed that our terrain makes it especially difficult for course setters to provide both the elite runner and the 50-point runner with a good experience. Dan was happy to report that we had three new course setters do events in recent months. He called on club members to show appreciation for the efforts of first-time event directors and course setters.

Publicity (Nancy Lindeman): Nancy had booths at two recent events. One was The Relay (staffed by Nancy, Shirley Pierce, Rosemary Johnson, and Mutsumi Sugizaki. The club paid for this booth; Nancy felt it was probably not worth it. The other was at the Oracle Health Fair (staffed by Nancy and Esther Heller). Nancy felt this was more successful at promoting our events.

Bulletin (Jeff Lanam): The next Bulletin deadline is December 20. Jeff would like other articles besides meet announcements and writeups.

Adventure Race Coordination (Mark Prior [by email]): It was a successful year of partnering with local adventure race promoters, both in terms of income and participation. Mark highlighted the efforts of club members Anne Gorby, Ian Tidswell and especially Bruce Wolfe. Issues which Mark feels the club needs to address include usage of our maps, responsiveness to last-minute changes, and compensation of BAOC members.

Outreach (Scott Aster): Outreach is "perking up". He is working with a navigation group on a kayaking event and with a middle school in Sonoma County.

No reports were submitted by Mark Blair (Equipment), Nick Corsano (Juniors), and Steve Gregg (Training).

A competitor running under a huge fallen redwood tree at Big Basin State Park, 1996

11. NEW BUSINESS – George Minarik

The next meeting will be Monday, March 6, at the Alta Bates Imaging Center in Oakland.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Corsano
December 15, 2005