Bay Area Orienteering Club Winter Series

I have the great pleasure to announce the BAOC Winter Series (BAWS).

This annual series takes place at the BAOC COOL events in the months of November, December, January, and February.

This series is inspired by the Cascade Orienteering Club (COC) Winter Series that occurs at the Washington Interscholastic Orienteering League (WIOL) ( events.

This series is an opportunity for competition between non-students. There will be two classes: women and men. At the COOL events, the series course is Course 4. At regular B-events on the COOL schedule, the series courses are Brown for women and Green for men. However, you can always "run up" by running a longer course — it is just harder to earn the winner's 100 points by winning a Blue course than by winning a Green course.

Each person earns one score at each COOL event they attend. Your top four scores count for the season.

(Posted on the BayOnet ( November 1, 2010)

2011-2012 Season

2010-2011 Season