Calero Reservoir, Morgan Hill

Sunday, Nov. 7, 1999

by Werner Haag, 408-243-4234

It has now been a year and a half since we held a regular meet at Calero. The meet was moved to the late fall to minimize the impact of elephant tracks. The ground will be harder and drier than in the past when the event was held in the rainy season.

Both White and Yellow courses have streamered sections that go off trail through an open hillside; long pants are recommended unless it is a rather warm day. Orange runners should have leg protection as there are some sections of thistles and tall grass. Poison Oak is dispersed throughout the park; the leaves are all gone, so if you are sensitive you should know how to recognize it without foilage as it can still cause a reaction. White, Yellow and Orange courses should have almost no Poison Oak exposure, but the advanced courses offer possible route choices through one or two sparsely covered hillsides. We plan to supply enough water on the courses that it won't be necessary to carry any yourself.

Courses will be on premarked maps. The map quality varies, and advanced runners will enter a section where the quality improves towards the end of the courses. We will use a few larger, not-quite-point features as control sites; these will be hung more prominently than most other controls to reduce the luck factor.

There will be a remote start and finish except for the Start-O, which is in the parking area. Plan for a 5-15 minute walk/run to and from the start/finish areas. Courses close at 2:30 PM.

Final Course Stats:

          Number of   Nominal         Minimum     Technical
Course    Controls    Distance(km)    Climb (m)   Difficulty

Start-O     10          0.6              5        Early Beginner
White       10          2.5            165        Beginner
Yellow      12          3.4            175        Advanced Beginner
Orange      11          3.5            210        Intermediate
Brown       11          3.2            170        Mostly Advanced
Green       10          3.8            230        Advanced
Red         14          4.7            260        Advanced
Blue        19          6.0            360        Advanced
Caution: Use Tecnu and check for ticks.

Thanks to Dan Greene and Dean French for an immense amount of help.


From the Peninsula, take Highway 85 south to Almaden Expressway. Head south 5 miles to the end of the road. Turn right onto Harry, and then immediately left onto McKean. The main park entrance is 5 miles south on McKean. Go past the boat ramp and turn at the entrance marked "Calero County Park; Park Office; Equestrian Center; All Trailheads."

From the East Bay, take Highway 101 south past San Jose and exit at Bernal Road west. Immediately turn south on Monterey Highway (bear right, then make a left turn). Go south 3.4 miles and turn right at the traffic light onto Bailey Avenue. After going 2.9 miles west, Bailey ends at McKean. Turn left and go south 0.7 miles to the park entrance.