Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz

Sunday, July 11, 1999

Escape the heat of the summer and come to Wilder Ranch State Park on the coast just west of Santa Cruz! While the rest of the Bay Area is roasting in the summer heat, this patch of coast usually stays pleasant and cool. Deep forested reentrants and open hillsides with views clear across Monterey Bay are waiting to be explored!

Plus, for your added navigational enjoyment, this year's event will debut the *brand new* OCAD edition of the venerable ol' USGS map we've been using. All the trails have been field-checked, and dozens of vegetation features have been added to help keep you on track. Don't miss your chance to get a copy of the club's newest map, sure to become a collector's item in the near future!

This year there will be a Score-O with 1-hour and 2-hour categories and many controls sprinkled liberally across the park. The navigational difficulty will be mostly Yellow, along trails and across open meadows, with a few advanced controls thrown into the mix. There will also be a long White beginner's course along the trails in the eastern section of the park (approximately 6 km with 150 m climb).


To get to Wilder Ranch State Park, take Highway 1 north from Santa Cruz. Turn left (toward the ocean) about 1.8 miles past Western Drive at the brown state park sign. Pay the $6 parking fee at the entrance kiosk and park, then follow the signs to the registration area. If you're driving south on Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay, the park entrance is on your right about 7 miles past Davenport.

Thorsten Graeve
408-293-1718 (evenings)

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