Shoreline Park, Mountain View

April 3, 1999

Do you know some children who want to orienteer at an Easter orienteering event? Do you know somebody who wants to try orienteering in an easy yet scenic environment? The Shoreline Park Egg-O is the event to take them to.

This is a very relaxed event geared mostly to children but also serving to adult beginners and orienteers who want to take in a Saturday morning run in the baylands. The views of the baylands are spectacular, the variety of birds is impressive, picnic opportunities abound, and nautical minded orienteers can even try their hand at boating on Shoreline Lake.

We'll have a two Easter start-O courses for children and adults who say they're children, a slightly long white course for beginners, and a much longer score-O course (mostly on trails) for experienced orienteers.

Fees will be slightly reduced. The start-O courses are free as always, the white course will be $5, and the score-O course will be $6. Each person in a group costs $2 extra, but everybody gets a map. Same fees for members and non members.


1. Take Highway 101 to Shoreline Blvd. in Mountain View.

2. Go North on Shoreline Blvd into Shoreline Park. Continue until the road ends in a parking lot.

3. Park your car and go over to the grass area north of the boathouse.

See the Yahoo Map.

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