Las Trampas, Danville

February 14, 1999

Come out and enjoy a beautiful Valentine's Day touring the scenic terrain at Las Trampas Regional Park. By now the dust, thorns, and occasional poison oak of last summer are but distant memories, as the Park wears a lovely green velvet coat of short, new grass and the first early wildflowers begin to poke out here and there over the gently rolling terrain. All right, maybe the terrain is a little more than just "rolling", but experienced course setter Dan Stoll-Hadayia has done his utmost to minimize the normally horrendous climb on most courses. This year all of our courses will tour the main valley and the South ridge areas of the park, eliminating that grueling 280 meter climb to the remote starts used last January. No remote start will be utilized this year.

All seven courses will be offered, including Beginners courses, clinics will be held on an ongoing basis from 9:30 until 11:00, and starts will be from 10:00 until 12:30. There will be a three hour time limit on all courses, and controls will begin to be picked up at 2:00 PM, so please plan accordingly.

To get to Las Trampas take I-680 to Danville, north of I-580 and south of 24 and Walnut Creek.  Exit at the Crow Canyon Road West exit. Continue on Crow Canyon Road, and make a right onto Bollinger Canyon Road, and drive north about 4 miles. Follow the "O" signs to parking. Registration will be at the picnic area west of the main creek (as in the past).

--Scott Aster, 415-456-8118,

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