Royal Gorge Ski O'

February 7, 1999

BAOC and GCO together with the Cross-Country Ski Management at Royal Gorge, Soda Springs, CA will arrange a Ski-orienteering on Sunday Feb. 7th. Royal Gorge offers one of the finest and best managed X/C ski trail systems in the world, and with normally up to 300 kilometers groomed trails Royal Gorge is the largest X/C ski area in North America.

We will set four courses; one for beginners (x/c skiers or orientereers), one for intermediates, and a shorter and one longer course for advanced skiers/orienterers. Most skiing will be done on the trail network, although there will be some "designated bushwhack short cuts", which skiers may find beneficial to use.

Generally, the orienteering will not be technical. Quick decision and smart route choice will be important. The course for beginners will be quite introductory, and most finishers would most likely go on to the "intermediate" course.

Royal Gorge will generously offer many, many prizes for many, many finishers.

Royal Gorge offers BAOC and GCO members special discounts on trail passes, rentals and lessons on Sunday, as well as Saturday, should you want to make a two day event of it:




For Lessons make reservations: For information and guidance on lodging call Royal Gorge at 530 426 3871

REGISTRATION begins at 9 AM. STARTS: from 10:15 through 1:00PM. For Ski-O information call Tom Jahn at 530 753 9425; Fax 530 753 8285; E-Mail

DIRECTIONS: I-80 to the Norden/Soda Spring exit, right through the village to first blinking (mostly) light, right crossing rail road, pass Soda Springs Down Hill Ski area on your right, up the hill to second right (and signs), straight on to the parking lot of the ski area lodge.

--Tom Jahn

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