Indian Valley, Novoto
September 27, 1998

Event Notes

The Indian Valley event will offer the usual seven courses plus a new course called Cream, which is a wheelchair accessible and designed for those who prefer a physically easy course. First time orienteers will probably want to choose the Cream or White course, (or maybe Yellow if you have experience using topographic maps.) The Cream course does traverse some mostly empty parking areas, so please exercise caution. The other courses cross some campus roads, so keep an eye out for traffic.

After registering the Cream and White course participants should copy their courses from the master maps by the registration area and then follow the streamers to the start area. The start area is a five minute walk from Registration.

All other course participants should enter the map corrections onto their maps and proceed to the starting area. Your courses will be copied from master map boards after starting.

The Indian Valley map covers mostly oak forested ridge and valley terrain. Some hillsides are very steep. The map was produced in 1992 by George Kirkov and has held up well over seven years with only a few map corrections needed. In addition to the map corrections there are numerous unmapped animal trails that may be useful as you skirt the hillsides.

The vegetation is mapped pretty well, although boundaries are mostly indistinct. Generally, the green areas on the map are manzanita trees with wire like branches. The light green areas can be traversed by dodging and ducking around the Manzanita. The dark green areas can be impassable. Countour lines are quite accurate and correctly depict the steepness of the hillsides.

There is a moderate to light amount of poison oak. Most is low and can be avoided. But scrubbing with Technu after the event is recommended. Ticks are prevalent. The Red. Blue and Green courses will go into areas that are quite steep where spiked or cleated shoes are neccesary.

Here is a partial list of our meet crew:

More help is needed especially for picking up bags. Contact me before or during the event if you can give us a hand.

Have a great time and let us know what you think of our event.

George Minarik - Meet Director

Course Specs



Course Setter: George Minarik

Vetters: Joan Roos, Syd Reader, Gary Carpenter

                                                TECHNICAL       PHYSICAL

Cream   7               1.5K            15M     Beginners       Flat Pavement
White   8               2.2K            75M     Beginners       Easy
Yellow  8               2.4K            80M     Adv Beginners   Easy
Orange  9               2.9K            175M    Intermediate    Moderate
Brown   9               2.8K            130M    Advanced        Moderate
Green   9               3.6K            220M    Advanced        Hard
Red     13              5.1K            290M    Advanced        Hard
Blue    16              6.3K            340M    Advanced        Very Hard

Original announcement

Everyone is welcome to our annual Indian Valley event, In addition to the normal seven courses there will be a Cream course, which is a wheelchair accessible course of white/yellow difficulty. Cream will be flatter and shorter than the normal white course and is perfect for children, elderly or orienteers with mobility challenges.

Our Indian Valley Map includes the College of Marin Campus and surrronding hills on Marin Open Space land. The scale is 1:10000 with five meter contours. It was excellently mapped in 1992 by our itinerant cartographer, George Kirkov. The terrain is some of the best in the Bay Area and allows interesting and demanding orienteering. The ridge and valley terrain is mostly forested with good runnabilty. Although steepness is still a factor, it's not as bad as many of our other parks.

Indian Valley is a Club Ranking event. We will charge $1 additional to our event fees to cover a bathroom charge assessed by the College. However, there is no park entrance fee.

Directions: Take Highway US 101 and exit at Ignacio Blvd about 2 miles south of Novato. Go west on Ignacio until it ends at the campus entrance. Follow the campus road to the end and parking. There will be signs to the registration area.

For questions call or E-mail George Minarik at 510-525-1574 or .

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