UC Berkeley, Berkeley

September 13, 1998

Please join us for the summer campus event! This year's event has: white and yellow courses, the usual point-O for beginners, and window-O for intermediate and advanced runners. Start-O will also be held

What is window-O?

Only limited areas including the start, finish, each control and its surrounding area are printed on your map and the remaining sections are whited-out. Thus, each control area looks like a "window". While running during orienteering, you usually don’t need all of the detailed information on the map. This campus Window-O will help you figure out how to capture the minimum information to speed up your orienteering. If you feel the course is a little bit too long, you can choose a shortened course even after you start. Both courses are pre-printed. It is best to reserve a map for Window-O, via e-mail or telephone, to make sure one is available for you at the event. It will be impossible to copy the “window” in the event that the preprinted maps are sold out.

Because of the high traffic in the campus, no control bags will be used. Instead, you will have to answer simple questions or write down the numbers you find at the controls, so bring a pen or pencil.

Expected course lengths:

Directions: Take the University Avenue exit from I-80, and head east towards the hills until you run into the campus. Parking is available on the streets surrounding the campus. Registration is at the Campanile, the tall bell tower in the center of the campus. The registration is open from 9:30 to 12:00. The course closes at 2:00. The details may be subject to change. Watch BayONet before the event.

--Michihiro Kamijima kamijimanature.berkeley.edu or (510) 843-9160

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