Huddart Park, Woodside
July 19, 1998

This year the rangers again require that we stay on trails, so this will be a trail-only event. There will be a white course for beginners who wish to do a normal course. The format for the other courses will be somewhat similar to a score-O; when living in Massachusetts I heard it called "Western Mass Rules." There will be approximately 21 controls scattered throughout the lower slopes of the park. There will be 4 courses: any 5, 10, 15, or 20 controls. You do not have to decide how many controls you will go to until you finish. If you've found 5 and are feeling good, go find another 5. But you may be able to plan a more efficient route if you decide in advance how many you will find. As in a score-O, you decide which controls to go to and in what order. Scoring is by time in the 4 categories of 5-9 controls, 10-14, 15-19, and 20+. No bonuses for finding extra controls (e.g.14 is no better than 10.) Unlike a score-O there is no time limit other than the standard 2PM limit.

Directions: From 280 in Woodside go west on Woodside Road (Hwy. 84). After 0.7 miles go straight through the intersection in downtown Woodside. After another 0.7 miles turn right on Kings Mountain Road. Bear right at a junction at 0.8 miles, and continue 1.3 miles further to the park entrance on the right. There is a $4/car entrance fee. Note these directions, since we will not be able to put up signs in the park. Past the entrance station, turn left at the first stop sign. Take the next right; registration is at the Zwierlein shelter.

--Brian Moore, 650-965-7305

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