UC Berkeley, Berkeley
Practice Session
Wednesday, June 24, 1998, 6PM

Having just read Lans' post, I'll put the word "training" in quotes for now! I've still heard nothing at all from Neeme, so I'm assuming he forgot all about the training event and left town. So I've put together a simple score-O for Wednesday evening. With a limited amount of time to prepare, the event will no doubt be less clever and less well-organized than Marsha's event last week, but at least it will happen!

The format will be a 60 minute score-O, with a mass start at 6:15 PM. There will be 25 control sites scattered throughout the campus. As has become the norm at UC Berkeley events, no streamers or bags will be hung. You will take a pencil or pen with you and answer a question about each site. (It will be a simple "fill in the blank"--you'll be looking for phrases or numbers at each control site) Each control will be worth one point, with a two points per minute late penalty. I expect that the fast runners will be able to take the grand tour of the campus and get all the controls in under an hour, in which case the winner will be determined by least elapsed time.

Even though many people turn up their noses at Campus-O, I really think that running on our new UC Berkeley map has a definite training benefit. The map is only 1:4000 with an incredible level of detail, and I think that picking out as much of that detail as you can from the map while running at speed can improve your general map reading skills. So that's what I would suggest people do at this event if they wish to train more than just physical skills. Don't ignore the map detail between controls, but try to read the map as carefully as you can while maintaining a fast running speed.

Again, there will be a mass start at 6:15 PM, but if you are late and still want to run the course, I can start you individually later. We'll meet right underneath the Campanille. Don't forget to bring something to write with, and $2 for your map. If demand warrants, we'll head downtown for dinner after the event.

DIRECTIONS: From I-80 in Berkeley, take the University Avenue exit and head east towards the hills until you run into the campus. Parking is available on the city streets surrounding the campus, and often in edge-of-campus parking garages for a fee. Look for the big tall clock tower (the Campanile) in the middle of campus, and proceed there. Hope to see you Wednesday.

--Steve Gregg

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