Tilden Park
Practice Sesion
Wednesday, June 10, 1998, 6PM

Just a quick note to let you know that the East Bay Training Session next Week is ON, despite the radio silence.

I am still figuring out what format the event will take. It will be mostly on trails (except for a special course for George, who is looking for his 8th variety of Poison Oak), with emphasis on route choice rather than control location. I'll send another message this weekend with the actual format. Whatever we do will be appropriate for intermediate and up, will give a good workout for those looking for it, and should be fun.

Afterwards we can head into Berkeley for some fine food (altough perhaps we won't try to get into Chez Panisse given our collective odour!).


The details:



PS NO T-shirts will be awarded to anyone who does not meet the exacting standards of the organizer. These standards are secret and arbitrary. Deal with it.

Directions to Tilden Park, Kensington

>From I-80, take the Buchanan St. exit in Albany. Buchanan runs into Marin Ave. Continue on Marin Ave., past the Arlington Circle, up the hill to  Spruce Ave. Turn left on Spruce and continue uphill to the intersection with Grizzly Peak Blvd. Go straight through the intersection onto Wildcat Canyon Road, and make an immediate left onto Canon Dr. Go down the hill and bear left into the parking lot.

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