China Camp, San Rafael
June 7, 1998

Welcome to one of the top orienteering terrains in Marin County and our excellent 5-color map. As usual the emphasis will be on navigational skills for the advanced courses (brown, green, red, and blue). Of course, the terrain at China Camp is not the most technically challenging; however, despite El Nino all the good old hills are still standing. Because all controls on the advanced courses will be placed 2 feet (I'm sorry, I mean 600 mm) below original ground  surface, course lengths have been shortened. Preliminary they will be 5.5 km, 4.5 km, 3.5 km and 2.5 km respectively for blue, red, green, and brown, and having approximately the same level of navigational difficulty. The course setter on the advanced courses will be Arild Orsleie; Bill Papendick will set the orange, yellow, and white courses.

Parking is free, but due to some repair work currently being carried out in the assigned parking area, parking may be somewhat limited, so please car-pool if at all possible.

To reach China Camp, take I-101 to about 20 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, past central San Rafael. Exit at North San Pedro Road (just south of the Marin County Civic Center) and follow it north/east for about 3-4 miles to the park entrance. Do not take the entrance to the campground, but follow the main road to the entrance of Miwok Meadows picnic area. The entrance will be well marked.

For more information you can contact Arild Orsleie at 415-454-1099.

--Arild Orsleie

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