Huddart Park, Woodside
Practice Session
Wednesday, June 3, 1998, 6PM

The June 3 South Bay practice will be on the trails of Huddart County Park in Woodside. It will be a Score-O, with starts between 6:00 and 6:45.

The Score-O will use permanent features in the park, requiring you to jot down a brief bit of info [a letter of a word] at each control location. Bring a pen and $1 for the photocopied map; entrance fee is $4.

I'm still finalizing the course, so haven't determined the timeframe and scoring yet, but estimate 60 minute limit [no Tshirts or age/gender divisions]. I'll post an update before the event.

I would like to have planned something more ingenious, but as you may know, we've had difficulties with Huddart officials in recent years. They only allow us to use the trails [and that reluctantly], plus it's a heavily used park [translation: controls/streamers on trails can go missing rather quickly].

Huddart IS a beautiful redwood park, though, so it's a great place for an after-work trail run -- hope to see you there!

Note: NO shortcutting through the woods will be allowed. Please respect this rule [no matter how far out the wrong trail you are!], so we don't endanger our fragile peace with the park rangers.

Directions: From I-280 on the Peninsula, take the Woodside Road exit. Go west about 3.5 miles [?] and turn right onto Kings Mountain Road [you'll see a Huddart sign at the turn]. This road goes to and through the park. Follow KM past the historic Woodside Country Store; turn right at the park entrance. Stop and pay $4 at the self-service kiosk, then meet us in the big parking lot just past the kiosk, on the right side of the road.


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