Las Trampas, Alamo
Practice Session
Wednesday, May 27, 1998, 6PM

The Wednesday May 27 training event will be held at the northeast corner of our Las Trampas map. This is an area that can not usually (unless Bob Cooley is setting courses) be utilized in our regular B-meets because of limited parking.

I will set a brown/green course (about 3km). Here are the specifics:

To get to the trail head, take the Stone Valley Road exit off I-680 in Alamo. Go west for one block then turn south (left) on Danville Blvd.  Go south for about 0.5 miles and turn right on La Serena Avenue. At the end of La Serena, turn right on Holiday Drive then left on South Avenue. The trail head is at the end of South Ave. Park along the street.

I'll leave for the start area at 6:00PM sharp but I'll hang pink streamers along the route so late arrivals can still run the course.

If you are planning to attend and want a pre-marked map send me an e-mail otherwise you can copy the master map at the start area.

Any questions call me at 925-862-2978


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