Coyote Hills, Fremont
Practice Session
Wednesday, May 13, 1998, 6PM

The year's first East Bay Wednesday evening event will be held at Coyote Hills on May 13. At the first orienteering event held at Coyote Hills this March, many club members chose to run the short point-to-point Orange course instead of the longer Score-O'. To use some of the leftover maps, I turned the Score-O' into a point-to-point "long orange" course for the Training event.

The course will be set as a steamer-only 27 control point-to-point course, using an "optimal route" from the score-O'. For those interested in getting some fast orienteering training in, there will be a mass start at 6:30 pm. For those people interested in regular staggered starts, I will do one or two minute interval starts from about 6:00 to 6:20pm. The sun will set around 8pm, so make sure that you take short cuts or start early if neccessary to get back before 8pm.

I will bring about 30 leftover maps from the orienteering event, with the new course drawn on, but you may want to bring your old map of Coyote Hills (if you have one) just in case. There will be no charge for the maps or the course.

The park is mostly open grassland, and the courses go off trail, so you'll want to wear long pants. Nearly all of the poison oak in the park is clustered in large bushes in a few small areas. Only one of the legs on the course tempts you to go near this poison oak, but it can easily be avoided by a short (50m) trail run to a field around the side of the poison oak.

See you there,


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