Doton's Point, Granite Bay, Folsom Lake
April 26, 1998

Tom Jahn and Jim Michaels are co directing this meet at Granite Bay State Park on the north western shores of Folsom Lake. This spring event will feature Red, Green, Orange, Yellow and White Courses. We intend to select a starting area from a part of the map, which has not been used for this purpose before. This will allow the courses to be set from new "angles", thus creating some new challenges.

As you know we spent a lot of time field checking and reworking particularly the western portion of the map. Now we are working on the Eastern part and expect to have it ready for the meet. We are also working on expanding the map to the southwest and to the northwest, but this work may not be ready by the start time April 26th.

The terrain at Doton's Point is incredibly featured, particularly in the northern and eastern portion. It offers a course setter's dream. The supply of interesting and challenging control check points seem inexhaustible.

CHALLENGE TO BAOC: GCO's events at Doton's Point has not drawn that many BAOC orienteerers. Now is the time for some more BAOC runners to show up. Perhaps the event coordinators of the clubs could get together on some informal TEAM COMPETITION format, which could interest more BAOC (and GCO) orienteerers to come to the event.

And as you may know California wildlife is well represented at Doton's Points and some of the views from the ridges and hill tops are spectacular. So there are many relaxing diversion for the not so competitive runners or participants.

Directions: From I-80 in Roseville, take Douglas Boulevard east to the end, pay the park entrance fee and continue on the main road. Look for Orienteering signs. From Highway #50, take Folsom Boulevard through Folsom, cross American River, turn right (north) on Auburn Folsom Rd to Douglas, turn right and follow above directions.

For more information, please, call Tom Jahn (after March 31) at 530-753-9425 or e-mail, or Jim Michaels at 916 (530?) 723-5462.

--Tom Jahn

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